Friday, January 31, 2014

Haulin' from iHerb // E.L.F. makeup + Celestial Seasonings Tea

Anytime I pop onto iHerb I can't help but haul! I had a bit of cash sitting in my iHerb rewards account, and my lust for some Celestial Seasonings Tea pulled me into a haul that gradually grey into an 8 piece wonder that I am very happy with. I thought I'd shade what I purchased with you, as both of these brands are hard to come by in Australia and it is always nice to know where you can get your hands on rare goodies.
I stuck to only buying 4 boxes of tea, despite wanting pretty much every variation they had on the site. I've only ever seen the Sleepytime Vanilla and regular Sleepytime tea at my local Woolworths, and so I decided that since the much lauded Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride was sold out (naturally!) I would get two fruity teas to use iced, and two to use warm on cold nights with milk. I waited until I tried all of the teas before writing this, so I feel comfortable giving my opinion on which of these are worth the purchase.  
Tangerine Orange Zinger is, to put is simply, utterly delicious. I sweeten this ever so slightly when making ice tea, and Mister Bovary and I love gulping this down after a nice long walk on a hot night. The Acai Mango Zinger is also lovely iced, but the citrus is always going to win in an ice tea stakes for me. I am yet to have a full cup of these hot, but from the sip test I'd say the Tangerine also wins this round.

For milky tea lovers, or those who go weak in the knees for chai, we have the Sweet Coconut Thai Chai and the Bengal Spice tea, both of which I have with a dash of Blue Diamond Almond Milk and a hit of sugar or honey before bed. I find the Bengal Spice too spicy for my taste, and so generally reach for the coconut instead. I don't think I would buy the Bengal again, but I must say I adore the packaging of this one most of all. The Sweet Coconut Thai is a tad too spicy once I reach the bottom of my cup, but I think I would repurchase this one as it takes sweetness well and is a pretty unique flavour.
I couldn't haul from iHerb without hitting up their extensive elf inventory, and I narrowed my basket down to these four pink beauties. I have always wondered about the liquid HD blushes that are around, and the elf HD blush in Headliner is so affordable that I was happy to buy but was not expecting much from. I was pleasantly surprised, this blends well and is very pigmented, and I can't realistically see myself using up the whole tube in this lifetime. I have my eye on some of the other shades now, and also plan on picking up another of the baked blushes too. I chose the shade Peachy Cheeky and I absolutely adore how glowy this makes my cheeks look.
When I ordered the Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Pink Lemonade, I was expecting a pale pink ballerina type shade. You know, like pink lemonade? Instead I was greeted with a metallic deep pink shade which I was none too pleased about until I popped it on and took a photo. I actually really like it, and don't have a shade like it in my collection which is a good thing. One negative is that I had to wind it up a crazy amount before I could use it - you can see how it arrived in the images above, and below is how much I had to wind it to get any out! Seems like such a waste of plastic and even though elf is cheap I feel a bit ripped off.

Wearing elf Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Pink Lemonade

Yep, that's me.

I'm yet to try the St Lucia cheek duo that is an obvious Nars Laguna/Orgasm take off, so I'll have to get back to you on that one. A friend of mine swears by it though, and she has very good taste in makeup so I took her word for it despite not loving the Nars originals very much anyway.

As many of you may know, if you use a code on iHerb you can grab some pretty awesome discounts and a portion of the payment goes towards the code owner - if you feel like topping up my iHerb rewards account and being my herbal tea pusher, pop this code in BEJ649 for money off your first order - $10 off orders over $40, and $5 off your first order if it is less than $40. Considering that iHerb have supplements, health foods, yummy teas as well as cosmetics, be warned that your basket will probably fill up quickly!

Have you ever ordered from iHerb?
What tea brands do you think I should look into next?! What should I buy next from elf?!
Emma @ emmabovarybeauty
iHerb code: BEJ649



  1. Emma you are SO CUTE! Love this post so much! It's like a dream come true-tea AND blush together! LOVE!

  2. You're so cute haha. Nice haul! I never thought of ordering tea from iherb but they look so good!

  3. What is up with that cute face! haha! Anyway, I bought the Real Techniques brushes from iHerb and the Physician's Formula "happy" blush (I think) plus some Weleda products. Not bad. But I'm sort of on a beauty shopping ban, so will have to hold back on my iHerb buys. ;)

  4. Oh Emma ! You have me lemming that coconut tea :) i havent ordered off iherb but i am keen

  5. Gah, wrote a long comment and something went wrong with my iPad and it disappeared! Now I can't remember what I wrote :(

    Anyway, I'm obsessed with iHerb these days. I don't buy any makeup but I get all sorts of random stuff like candles, tea (didn't know they stock Celestial. Only purchased Yogi Tea, St Dalfour and Harney & Sons so far), vitamins and pet supplies so far. iHerb is crazy addictive and the shipping fees unbelievably cheap. :)

  6. Wowie, nice stuff! I totally would love that baked blush from them but I'm saving my money to buy some from tarte as they are sooo expensive! The lippie looks great and glossy on you, I've heard they are really worth your money!

  7. That sweet coconut thai chai sounds amazing! I have ordered from iHerb but I've never tried elf before!

  8. Coconut chai tea? Sounds amazing!

  9. Hello :) I just wanted to let you know i have nominated YOU for a Liebster award xx

  10. Hmmm I think I "need" some of that tea, sounds delicious! I've heard rumors that elf might get stocked at K-mart this year. Hope this rumor is true :)

  11. Oooh! Keen to hear more about the ELF goodies. I don't think I've tried ELF anything!

  12. I loved Your collection, I think I will order the same tea, it sounds tasty!I love that blush and the lip gloss too, I bought them from iherb as well!
    Best wishes


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