Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Top 3 Hair Products for Lazy Locks

In the lazy haircare department, I am pretty sure I take out first prize. I have a lot of thick hair, and even taking the time to blow dry it is asking a lot from me. Every once in a while I feel inspired and decide to roll with some product, but generally I am all about the easy to use and fuss free products that make lazy hair something I can step out of the house with. This is what I’m currently rolling with!
Dove Intensive Repair Hair Mask*
Well-conditioned ends are something I strive for and so far this is the best hair mask I’ve found that does the job without weighing it all down too much. I use it as I would a regular conditioner, except it is way better and even though it is in tub form I still find the packaging oddly alluring and sleek. I use this once or twice a week and even though I need a trim badly, it sorta hides that a little bit. I've almost used up this tub and will definitely be buying a new tub, stat!
Pantene Night Miracle Leave On Crème Serum
I’ve used this for years, and find that it lightly moisturises and tames my hair if it’s acting a bit rambunctious. Even though it specifies that it is for PM I use it in the morning more often than not, and think it smells really nice, too.

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo (Dawn 'Till Dusk, but I use any of the scents)
This is a staple in the Bovary household – I have thick and unruly hair that takes a heck of a long time to dry after washing, and sometimes laziness gets the better of me in that regard. I love how affordable this is ($2!) and that it comes in a variety of scents. It absorbs any oil in my roots and adds a nice puff of volume to my hair which is always a nice touch!

Lazy hair is a bit of an artform and my locks sure get in a tangle more than once a week. I love these products for taming back the crazy while still keeping a natural feel to my hair, and I’d love to hear your lazy hair recommendations in the comments below! I’ve just started using a luxe Kerastase hair serum which smells divine so I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Emma x


  1. I'm getting into dry shampoo a bit more now because it can stretch my 3-day no 'poo hair to a full week, lol. I also like 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner to shorten the time spent on hair in the shower!

    1. Exactly right, I had my hair done on the weekend and am stretching it out as long as I can with dry shampoo! I'm not a fan of 2-in-1 though, my scalp is sensitive to shampoos so I can only use a select few which is quite annoying!

  2. I am enjoying the dry shampoo from Target too! I still prefer my old fave Lee Stafford or even the John Frieda volume one, but for the bargain price of $2, it does a fantastic job!
    My must have hair prods are a good detangling spray (Johnsons and Johnsons works just as good if not better than my other fave, the O&M one) and my Tangle Teezer.

    1. I know right, for $2 it's so hard to pass up. I saw that you can get Tangle Teezer's at Priceline now that is so exciting!

  3. Hmmmm....that dry shampoo is interesting. I haven't tried any dry shampoo and I am kinda curious about it. I will def check on this.

    1. It's such a lifesaver if you can't be bothered washing hair or you need a bit of texture to hold an up-do!


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