Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wedding Makeup Inspiration - The Bridal Trial

It's only a few days until the big day and I've had my bridal trial, which I booked in for before my kitchen tea to kill two birds with one stone. I brought in a few Pinterest and Instagram snaps to show my gorgeous makeup artist Renee at Inglot and told her to go to town!

I really liked how subtle this look was

the metallic finish is stunning but that liner doesn't do it for me

this was to show how I wanted a neutral blush and lip to tie in with it

general vibe down pat

I told the makeup artist to choose whatever she thought would suit my eyes and said I wasn't afraid of a bit of eye makeup, but when it came to the blush I brought out my beloved Tarte Exposed to match it to something in the store. I think on the day I may still choose Exposed for my blush...After the wedding I'll be sure to post details of what we ended up going with on the day, if you're interested :)
I was actually quite nervous when I was in the chair, though I trusted Renee completely as she has been doing my makeup for years and is always my first choice. I guess I realised that this was a practise run for what is essentially the most important makeup of my life? Sounds quite dramatic but I can't ever see myself paying for photos and a videographer like this again, haha.
with Mumma Bovary!
with my beautiful maid of honour, Candice
I think we will make some slight adjustments to the products used on the actual wedding day (I know the lashes will be different...) and I'm tossing up on switching the golden cheekbone highlight to a more champagne tone...would love your thoughts?
I don't even know what lip colour I am wearing on my wedding day, how terrible for a beauty blogger!! I want something neutral/nude and probably matte so it lasts longer in between touch ups...any ideas?
Not long now!
Emma x


  1. You look beautiful, Emma! I especially love the eye makeup - so beautifully glowy!

    As for highlighter, I think both champagne and gold would look lovely. What kind of jewelry are you wearing? That could help make the decision!

    1. Thank you Larie! She really nailed the eye look I wanted I need to get better pictures of it with my eyes shut on the big day. I'm wearing silver jewellery but I think either might work well - I initially didn't love how strong the gold highlight was up close in person but in these photos I think it gives a bit of warmth to my super pale face ,lol

  2. Oh you look flawless!!!! And your hair looks sooooo healthy!!
    I ended up with bare lips in my photos because I forgot to reapply after eating haha.
    What exciting times for you!

    1. Thank you so much - I had a really good blow dry that morning so my hair was playing nice haha! I really think I will forget to apply as well ahh!

  3. All I know is that you are going to be a VERY beautiful bride :)

  4. You know that lipstick in the last photo with your Maid of Honour --- wear that!!!

  5. I did my own makeup for my wedding and used the bridal 2009 look from Sarah Victor on Youtube. Looked amazing on the day and got so many compliments.

  6. You look amazing in these photos emma ! I hope your wedding day was everything you ever wanted :) Your hair especially looks so healthy & long & beautiful !! Your makeup looks flawless, i would LOVE to see some wedding photos xx congrats again :D


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