Thursday, March 12, 2015

Book Review 2015 : 1-5

The Messenger – Markus Zusak
I was really excited to read another novel from the acclaimed author of ‘The Book Thief’ and the fact that he is a fellow Australian built it all up for me even more. Sadly I don’t think this is the better of his works, but I suppose comparing anything to the tremendous 'TBT' is asking for trouble. At times I felt like I connected with the ‘pathetic’ nature of the protagonist but other times I felt it missed the mark, but ultimately the take away ‘message’ (pun intended) was effective and made me appreciate the novel that much more.

Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov
I'm really happy to have read this Penguin classic, and even though the prose annoyed me at times I enjoyed this novel quite a bit. It's definitely still a shocking premise to read about and it's made me want to watch the 1997 Lolita film!

Spellbound - Jane Green
Of all the 'chick-lit' available, I always get the best hit from Jane Green and am a long-time fan of her work. This turned the whole 'happily over after' stuff on its head which I liked, though as with many 'chick-lit' novels I was still annoyed by bits of the narrative which were a bit too 'perfect' and set-up for my liking...I thought the characters were well constructed and overall enjoyed reading this.

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - Helen Simonson
I really enjoyed this novel, it spoke to me from the very start and I found the characters really interesting. Often I get stuck in reading the same types of novels over and over but this was refreshing and I loved the age group of the characters, too (the protagonist is 68) The cover is beautiful and if I recall correctly Mister bought me this at an airport a few years ago - I sure am glad he did, as it was a lovely read.

Straight Talking - Jane Green
Yes, another Jane Green to fulfil my fast-pace chick-lit needs! This was her first novel and it's not my favourite from her - I could see the ending a mile away and some of the characters were a bit too 'meh' for my liking, but overall it was okay and I'm glad to have read another from Green.
I'm going to be popping up review posts like this with every 5 books I read - I like to reflect on what I've read and since I graduated university I feel like I've become quite slack with it, so hopefully this will push me to think more!

Top recommendation: Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson

Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave book recommendations in the comments, or tell me what you're reading right now?

 -Emma x


  1. Thank you for the reviews and recommendation, Emma! I remember really liking Lolita when I read it all these years ago - I haven't read any other books from your line-up, but I'll keep Major Pettigrew in mind next time I'm reserving books at my library!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Monika - glad to hear you like Lolita, too! Would love to hear what you think of Pettigrew :)

  2. I absolutely adore Lolita! It's written so beautifully and even though the topic does bother some people, I always recommend it to people who want to see what great writing looks like.

    1. I found the prose a bit difficult at times but my preferred style is pretty left of field so I definitely think it is well-written :D Madame Bovary and other French classics still reign supreme for me, haha

  3. Ooh! Lolita is one of my favourite books of all time, it is just so beautifully written! And I completely agree about The Messenger, it was nothing like The Book Thief although I feel as though he'll never be able to come close to such perfection again! Haha x

    1. It's a great read :) I think it must be equal parts awesome but sad to know that your book is so good that it's the best you'll ever do - you'd be so proud but have so much to live up to! The Book Thief really is next level stuff, something the generations to come will love too I believe

  4. Yay, I love book posts! I remember reading The Messenger a while ago. I agree, it's not quite as good as TBT, but I still enjoyed it. I keep meaning to read Lolita, but I still haven't gotten around to it. Maybe this year!


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