Monday, March 9, 2015

Thoughts of the Week #2

1. Dave Franco is my new celebrity crush! Crazy brows and all...

2. Thank goodness the AFL (pre) season has begun! Mister is a huge footy fan and I was getting really sick of watching old games on Fox Footy - 1996 games don't really interest me, ya know?

3. You Got Served was watched at high volume and I can't say I didn't get up for a dance every now and again. I love dance movies like this - cliché and you always know what will happen, but the dancers are so brilliant that I don't care! It's also got me hooked onto the B2K song Bump Bump Bump again...

4. I am absolutely loving the Addicted to Blush Tags that are going around at the moment, created by the gorgeous Kat of Kitsch Snitch. Seeing all that blush makes me so happy - here are the ones I've read so far! (If you've done the tag too, link me up in the comments!)
Kitsch Snitch
Status Chlo
Baubles Bubbles and Bags
Beauty Reductionista
Luxury on the Lips

5. Still wishing that I was back sitting on the beach in Maui...

6. Over the weekend we went out to this sports bar to celebrate Mister's best mates birthday. We'd never been before and the place seems pretty awesome, but my chicken wrap was below average sadly. The steak fries and sweet chilli mayo were worth heading back there for though!

7. My planner from Personal Planner arrived and it is stunning! Need to work out how I'm going to organise myself and keep it looking nice.

8. It's March and we haven't tried a single new cuisine yet! It's on my 2015 Goals list so I want to get a wriggle on. 

-Emma x


  1. Oh what a pretty man!

    I did the Addicted to Blush Tag -

    1. He sure is pretty! So glad you did the blush tag, woohoo!

  2. Oh my goodness.... he is really pretty :)
    Wish I could do the blush tag but since I seldom wear blush (even though Id love to) I think I should do a tag about eyeshadows instead... or lipstick :D

    1. He is such a funny actor too which I love :) You should totally find an eyeshadow tag to do :)

  3. Baby franco has actually been in so many things lately, what a cutie. Thanks for the mention Emma :)

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo


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