Monday, May 25, 2015

The Lush Limited

I've been trialling a few new bits and bobs from Lush since before Mother's Day, which is the theme of this new collection of limited edition products. I'm not a huge Lush addict though I do like quite a few of their products, so I was intrigued to see some new scents I'd not tried before. I sadly haven't gotten around to a bath in recent months (seems like a lot of effort, though my achy back sure could use a good soak!) so I am yet to try the Mother Superior Bubble Bar ($9.95/180g) which is scented with cherry blossoms. I aven't had a go at the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb ($6.25/165g) either, so will have to schedule in some relaxation time stat and use these up!
Let's get an honest opinion out of the way - bar soaps just don't float my boat! I feel like they all leave my skin 'squeaky clean' which I can't stand, even though I know they aren't drying my skin out or anything like that. I definitely prefer a shower gel but was happy to give this floral chunk of Love You Mum Soap ($6.95/100g) a go (FYI, this flower is just part of the larger design, check it out!) and adored the sweet scent of jasmine, mimosa and co...I still didn't love the bar soap feeling though, and so have relegated this to a shaving lubricant and it does a marvellous job at that!
Now I'll move onto the two products I enjoyed most from this limited collection - the Yummy Mummy stuff! I do cringe a little bit with the name of this stuff as I feel a fraud to use it without being a Mumma (does being a furMama to Charlie count?) but the scents are pretty rad! I did think about giving this stuff to Mumma Bovary but I know that the strength of the lilac scented Yummy Mummy Shower Gel ($9.95/100g) would give her an instant migraine, and that would NOT win me any daughter points!
My pick of the bunch, though? The Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner, mmm mmm. Of course I've chosen the priciest of the lot at $32.50/250g but man this stuff smells delicious. It's a mix of fresh strawberry and cocoa butter and so it smells like a sweet and moreish butter with a fruity twist. I spread a bit on my arms and d├ęcolletage when I apply my hair conditioner and then rinse them off for silky skin and hair - time saver! It unfortunately doesn't stop Charlie boy from wanting to lick the scent from my arms, so it very similar to a traditional body lotion in that respect ><  
Do you have any tricks for keeping up with body moisturising in winter?
Isn't is great that they've made an alternative scent to Ro's Argan Body Conditioner!?
-Emma x
*All of these Lush products were provided for consideration. Honesty, always!


  1. Yep, I use body oil during the cold and drier months. I have to use the stronger stuff as the regular creams just do not cut it.

    1. I was just about to ask if you had used the amazing Sukin body oil then remembered your aversion to citrus - whoops! I am thinking of mixing body oil in with moisturiser, but my skin isn't dry enough to warrant the effort I think

  2. I love the scent of Lush's Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner! Totally divine! I always keep my body moisturisers out on display so post shower or bath they are easy to reach for. If they go in the cupboard I tend to be slacker with getting them out and using them!

    Just letting you know, I host a beauty link up party every Monday through to Wednesday called Monday Makeup Madness on my blog, which you are most welcome to join in and link up a post to :)

    1. It's so different but so lovely isn't it? I try to stick with just one body moisturiser to try and use some up but always get distracted by another yummy scent - right now my staple is Victoria's Secret Amber Romance which I always end up returning too, my all-time favourite.

  3. I loved the Yummy Mummy products too, such a gorgeous scent. The Rose Bombshell is awesome, hope you get time to relax and enjoy a bath with it soon!

    1. It's such a rich and strong scent, isn't it? I'm hoping for a relaxing bath soon, too!

  4. I most definitely think that being a furbaby mom counts :)
    That body conditioner sounds like heaven in a jar :)
    I have one shower gel from LUSH that I just can´t get enough of and it is the It´s Raining Men shower gel... it is AMAZING!!!


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