Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll Vol. 382

my handsome boy!

Volume 382!
Your latest and greatest discovery? I don't know if I want to use a phrase as strong as 'great discovery' for this but here goes - the highlight of many a work day for me has been a chicken and cheese sandwich with a can of Dr. Pepper! I hardly ever touch soft drink as it doesn't float my boat, but Dr. Pepper is my new weakness and I am loving it hard right now.
Would you ever dye your entire head of hair green? I once rocked a half-head of green in my young-and-thinking-I-was-punk days, but I'm a bit plain with my hair now and leave it long and it's natural colour. Maybe one day I'll rock a nice dip dye as I like how that can look on others, but not for me right now.What's your standby/fallback snack? A slice of tasty cheese or a chopped up apple sprinkled with lemon juice - I take the latter to work with me every day and love it as a sweet treat! Naughty treats? Shapes and rice crackers all the way, but they are a sometimes food for me now.
What makes someone beautiful? A lot of different things can make someone beautiful, inside and out. I don't know that you can break it down to a succinct answer as people can be beautiful in so many different ways.
Road trip! Do you take the direct route or the scenic route? I think the direct route works for me as I hate being late...without a deadline though, the scenic route is always a pleasant option? I haven't been on a road trip in a really long time, the last one that springs to mind was for my best friends wedding in Warrnambool when we drove down with my parents for the weekend.
I'm super tired this week and have a severe case of wanderlust...I've whittled away a fair chunk of my spare time looking through old travel snaps and Pinterest photos of Maui and that probably isn't helping. Do you have any holidays planned?


  1. Interesting post sweetie :)
    Ooh I would love to travel somewhere.. It does not really matter where I just want to go somewhere :)

  2. Replies
    1. It seriously is the most beautiful and relaxing place I've ever, ever been to

  3. I had no idea you went through a punk phase! :) Also... CHEEEESE <3

    1. Yep, though thankfully not a whole lot of photo evidence remains!

  4. Oh god, and now I want to rock Sailor Pluto type of green hair. @____@

    And nothing beats the perfect sandwich + drink combo! I die for that.

    1. How good would green ends look though? soooo good!


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