Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Laid Back Sample Project - Update 5

Feels quite good to have finished some larger sample sized products for the fifth instalment of my Laid Back Sample Challenge - sachets are nice to use up but getting to toss a larger product always brings a bigger sense of satisfaction for me!
Marc Jacobs Oh Lola!
I have this in a solid ring form and love it, but for some reason the actual perfume disappears on me almost immediately! Such a shame as the scent is seriously lovely, and the bottle is stunning.

Thierry Mugler Angel EDT (travel size)
This reinvention of the classic Angel fragrance sat so well on me that I'm lusting over a large bottle of this one, perhaps as a Christmas gift? It's gourmand and has an edge to it that I adore, and the fact that it lasts on my skin is a rare treat for me.

Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Wash
I went in expecting to hate the foaming aspect of this, but it actually puffs up and lathers rather than foaming, and it feels so decadent on my skin that I actually enjoyed using this! It wasn't as gentle as a milk or balm cleanser but I felt like it really cleansed my skin well.

Kiehl's Orange Flower & Lychee Skin Softening Lotion
I mentioned in my empties post that this was one of the nicest lotions I'd ever used, and I stand by that! I can't seem to find this particular scent on the website though, which alarms me slightly...has this been discontinued?!

A few future purchases were noted from this round of samples, but I'm content to have a running list of quality products to lust over while I continue to churn through my collection, donating or using up products I no longer need in my stash. I know it may seem like decluttering is a bit of a trend at the moment but I think learning to love (and use!) what you have is always a good thing, trend or not, so I'm all up on that wagon and riding it towards a neater house and neater mind!
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Emma x


  1. I really have to try at least one Marc Jacobs fragrance. Kiehls does the Aromatic blends really well. I tried the Patchouli and Fresh Rose range and loved it :)

    1. My personal favourite from MJ is a hard one, I love the solid Lola but my Mum wears Daisy and so I love it because it reminds me of her :) The Kiehl's Aromatic Blends are so lovely, you can tell the quality is there for sure

  2. Sound like amazing perfumes :) It is rather rare to find perfumes that last for a while on the skin... I have had a few of them in my collection but for some reason they have changed. They used to stay on my skin for quite some time but these last few months they don´t...
    That Orange flower & Lychee lotion sounds amazing :)


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