Monday, November 2, 2015

Haul // Surratt Beauty, H&M, MAC and more

My hauling habits have definitely changed over the past few years; when I once coveted and brought home every little thing I liked the look of, I'm now more sensible and think about if I would actually use the item, and how much I actually want the item as well. I'm sure I'll stumble again as time goes on but I'm enjoying shopping a lot more now, and being selective in my choices means my collection has never been more exciting to me! I recently spent some time in the city for meetings and tacked a round of shopping onto the end of it, and I thought I'd post a collective haul for you all.
A few homey bits made the cut, including a gorgeous foil Kikki K print, H&M Marble Tray and a bronze basket that I plan on using as my 'new product' stash holder on my desk. I also bought some new pens from Kikki K and the pink version of my beloved 'dog scarf' from Ishka - because one dog scarf is just not enough, my friends.

Bits from the new essence Brit-Tea collection made it into my shopping basket as well, and I found some Avene skincare on sale at Chemist Warehouse that I thought would be great to try after I use up my La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+. A trio of Coco-Cola flavoured Lip Smackers were too cute to resist and I finally found the MAC Make You Mine blush I've been searching for since JemOrJerrica started using it in her makeup videos - lemming finally satisfied! Did you know that they've opened up a freestanding MAC counter in Melbourne Central, and that it sells pans just like the Chapel St Pro Store does? I just found that out and am very happy about it!

The crowning glory of my haul? This stunner from Surratt Beauty... 
After reading Liz's post on this silky smooth Surratt Beauty Artistique Blush beauty I knew I had to pick it up. After missing the shade Ponceau online when it sold out, I went to the Myer Melbourne Mecca Cosmetica counter to swatch it and I was immediately sold! Naturally I'm trialling it for a full review so be on the look out for that post soon.

Have you hauled anything fun lately?
Have you changed your hauling habits too?


  1. That marble tray! I'm in love as well as the copper basket.
    How much was the tray?
    I just 'invested' in this large serving platter type tray from salt & pepper and it was like $40... cringing thinking about the price tag for my pictures but as I said 'investment' haha.

  2. I've been eyeing this $50 marble tray from Country Road.... I'm sure this h&m one is much more affordable! I will need to have a look next time I'm in the areas!

  3. I'm looking forward to that Surratt review! I was also intrigued by Liz's post :-)

  4. Lovely haul. I have Surratt brushes and blushes on my wishlist!

  5. So many lovely things :)
    Here in Vaasa we do not have a H&M home store but there are two I think in Helsinki so I always visit when I´m in Helsinki :)
    Most of the H&M stuff we have in our home is from the website though :)


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