Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Shopping my Stash

I've been working diligently on using up some of my staple products over the past few months, but I get antsy every now and again and bored of wearing the same exact look day in and day out. With the hopes of some new makeup hitting my collection over the Christmas season I decided to hold out on buying something new (touch wood!) and instead turn to my own makeup collection - that's right, I shopped my own stash!
As my long-time readers will know I'm a true #blushfiend, and so shopping my blush stash is usually a pretty exciting endeavour for me. It never fails to bring a smile to my face when I revisit an old cheek love of mine, truth be told. I first hauled Cream Soda from the MAC Archie's Girls collection in early 2013 (see the haul post here!) and find it funny that it looks so pale in the pan (even for me!) but on the cheek it makes me look so healthy, and is definitely pigmented enough once you build it up. I admittedly travel through stages with this shade where I wear the heck out of it before returning it to my makeup drawers, and the same can be said for the palette you see above...

I've never fallen head over heels for the Lorac Pro Palette in the way that everyone else in the beauty community seemed to, but I can still appreciate the nice mix of textures and Garnet sure is a showstopper shade in my collection. I keep giving it a go in the hopes that it will grow on me, so we'll see how I go with it this time around. Any tips on colour combinations you use with this one?
Another eye colour I've shopped my stash for is the stunning Chanel lllusion D'Ombre cream eyeshadow in Epatant, once again a product that falls in and out of use with me but that I love using with a matte chocolate shade through the crease for a great 'peppermint chip' eye look (see my representation here if you like!)

Lastly I went for that cliché holiday red with the Revlon Balm Stain in Adore (original post here) which is a gorgeous deep red with a minty kick that I adore. Mumma Bovary wears this shade quite a bit and inspired me to pull mine back out from the Revlon lip drawer and give it yet another whirl as I get myself pumped for Christmas.
When did you last shop your own stash?
Has anything from the 2015 holiday collections caught your eye?
Are you already pumped for Christmas?


  1. I'm also trying to hold back on purchasing new products! And I just did a huge clean out too.

    xo Kat @ Katness

    1. I've cleared out so much this year but still have a way to go! I'm looking forward to some new makeup for Christmas and birthday gifts but I'd love to have more empty space in my collection before then - will have to see how I go!

  2. I´ve shopped my stash quite a lot lately
    I have been out looking in stores but nothing seems to interest me... I was really looking forward to the new OPI collection... the Starlight collection.. but then when I saw videos of it etc I was not that very impressed anymore.
    I have so many awesome things in my collection that I need to shop through that instead of buying new stuff.. at least for a while ;)
    Really lovely products you mention above... that Lorac Pro palette looks amazing :)
    Epatant looks stunning as well :)

    1. I saw one shade in the Starlight collection that I quite liked but I didn't buy it, am still just thinking about it at the moment.


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