Friday, December 18, 2015

Natural Supply Co Gift Guide

I'm curled up on the couch enjoying my day off with Charlie (my Cavalier!) and have spent an untold amount of time scrolling through the Natural Supply Co swooning over how lovely everything looks. This isn't a sponsored post or indeed even one that the lovely owners of the online store know about, but this blog was born from my passion (cough, obsession) for shopping and it's been a while since I've perused an online store to window shop. I actually finished my Christmas shopping back in November but am keeping an eye out for bargains just the same, and here are the best products I spotted at the Natural Supply Co!

I think this is such an adorable gift, it contains a deluxe mini Whipped Cherry Scrub Stick (genius idea by the way) and a deluxe mini Agave Lip Mask which is something I've always wanted to try. The jar it comes in is pretty adorable for gifting, too...

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid ($15.95)
I actually have a tube of this and adore it - it really does have that lemonade tang to it and it's a lip balm type of product that is gifting worthy in my opinion. I hardly use this in winter as the balm becomes quite hard in the cold, so it's perfect for warmer weather like we Australian's are currently enjoying (okay, enjoying may be a strong word...)

Now this may be the housewife in me coming out, but I'd love to try out this well-renowned cleaning brand! If you have friends or family who have just moved into a new place this could be perfect as part of a little cleaning pack for them, I love trying luxe cleaning products and fig sounds like a nice festive scent for December/January cleaning!

Kester Black Nail Polish - Forest ($20)
Swinging back around to beauty, I just had to include a shade from this Australian polish brand! Naturally I chose the Forest shade, such is my love and obsession with owning all the green polishes!

I've never tried this brand before but see it constantly on blogs and YouTube videos, and the scents are supposed to be delicious. Despite having enough body lotion and butter to sink a ship I'm always tempted by more, and the scent description for Pure Vanilla sounds lovely (though not pure vanilla...?) "The perfect vanilla, the Pure Vanilla scent combines a warm blend of Madagascar vanilla, heliotrope and soft freesia"

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil - Tulip (36.95)
I am a true fan of Bite Beauty and am currently turning my beauty room upside down to find my beloved Peche matte lip crayon and it's driving me crazy. I'd love to try more of their stuff and this 'soft cherry red' colour looks very pretty indeed, and would make a delightful gift for a sister or Mum!

I'm really lusting over this, the colour combination is stunning and I take coffee to work from home everyday so this would be so handy for me. I'm currently using Keep Cups (which I love!) but I want to share the love around with my Moccona Caramel Coffee, ya know?!

Nilly & Booth Mandarin Chamomile Organic Cleansing Balm ($40)
I've saved the best for last - I've heard so much about this skincare brand and this cleansing balm sounds like just the ticket for any skincare enthusiast - I know it's on the top of my wishlist! I finished up my Clinique Cleansing Balm which is a basic staple, and now I want to try a more indulgent balm and this fits the bill perfectly.

How is your Christmas shopping going so far?
Are you feeling festive or burnt out after a long year?
Which product from this gift guide tempts you the most?
-Emma x

*Not sponsored or organised with the company in any way. Just a bit of fun to scratch my shopping itch, help with gift ideas and also kind of write myself a wishlist haha!


  1. A bunch of lovely products here :)
    I would LOVE to try out something from Bite beauty :) I have heard so many good things about that brand :)
    That nail polish looks amazing as well :) I should not be swooning so much over nail polishes (I have way too many bottles already) but then again... I should not swoon over anything beauty in general due to the amount I have :D


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