Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tiny Drugstore Makeup Haul

I showed quite a bit of restraint during the lastest Priceline 40% sale and really only went for items I'd had my eye on for a while and that I knew I wouldn't shove in a drawer and forget about. I could have gone crazy at the essence stand had it not been wiped clean, but I guess paying full price is still a bargain with that brand anyway.
Knowing how much use I'd gotten from my Max Factor Crème Puff Blush in Nude Mauve (it has flattened out quite a bit and I can see myself using it up one day!) I decided to try out another shade from the range and chose Seductive Pink; terrible name, but my what a shade! It swatched so beautifully and I'm looking forward to busting it out soon now that I'm slowly stepping away from natural blushes back into my brights and my pinks!

Speaking of pinks, I spent an age swatching all of the new L'Oreal Infallible Lip Gloss shades before deciding on the bright pink 109 Fight For It. So far I think I quite like the plush formula and shade but I'm not sold on the 'lip shaped applicator' which collects quite a bit more product than I need for a single application. I really prefer liquid lip products once summer hits Melbourne, I've melted too many lipsticks in my handbag to bother even trying again so this was perfect timing for me and in a great summer shade, too.

Last but not least, my favourite pick from this petite makeup haul - Revlon Photoready Eye Art Lid+Line+Lash in 080 Desert Dazzle! It is the most stunning shade of shimmery khaki alongside a gorgeous golden glitter and I've been trying to find it since I fell in love with my first two Eye Arts here. I plan on rocking that glitter for the festive season, yes I do!

L'Oreal Fight For It
Revlon Desert Dazzle
Max Factor Seductive Pink
Happy 1st of December everyone! I've got the majority of my Christmas décor up and looking pretty, now to tackle the tree whilst cranking Mariah Carey at full volume. Hope you enjoyed seeing my tiny haul, I'm off to caffeinate myself and finish the last 5% of my Christmas shopping today! x


  1. That blush looks amazing!!! I may have to take a look at these when we go to Poland for Christmas. And good job on not going overboard at the sale, it's always so tempting!

    1. It's so lovely, I'm slowly working my way back into pink blushes after my neutral blush craze and am loving the change :)

  2. Lovely products :)
    I was going to go see if there were some new Essence products yesterday and holy crap.. all the nail polishes were almost gone :D Haha we sure do love affordable makeup over here :)
    I love the look of that Revlon product.. such a stunning green :)
    That applicator looks funky indeed :D

    1. Thanks Anna - the whole essence stand in Priceline was wiped out when they went 40% off it was wild!


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