Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sew Psyched

I had originally intended on posting my current favourites today, but when I realised I had a nail post ready to go that matched St Patricks Day I decided it must be fate, and reshuffled the schedule. I love murky colours at the moment and this is certainly one of those! There must be something about this khaki green from essie that grabs peoples attention because the compliments came flying when I wore this - even my lady at the nail salon exclaimed that it was a really nice colour!
Sew Psyched is described as a "cashmere-soft sage pewter" on the essie website and while I can totally see the sage and cashmere aspect of it, the pewter from the silver microglitter that shines through in the bottle doesn't particularly translate on the nail and it comes off as a nice crème shade instead (which I prefer, so yay for that) I see this as a neutral with a bit of interest, and was so impressed with it that as I was perusing a display of discounted essie polishes I picked it up to look at without realise I already had it on and owned it! A sign of love for sure, wouldn't you agree?

I bought my bottle of Sew Psyched from The Reject Shop and it was from the fall 2010 collection.
Are you a fan of murky colours like this?
What is your current nail obsession?


  1. I think it's a great shade. It really reinforces your preferences when you buy a colour you already have without realising!

    1. I always seem to pick up the same colours over and over again, my subconscious just loves them I guess!

  2. I honestly think I need this nail polish in my life :O
    I LOVE murky colored nail polishes :D
    Whenever I´m out shopping with a friend and the friend sees a nail polish and says "Ew.. what a horrible color!" chances are almost 100% that I will love the polish :D
    My current nail obsession has to be anything from the Gel Nail Polish line from Essence or polishes from the new H&M beauty line.. I can´t get enough of these polishes :D

    1. This colour is practically made for you Anna, check it out!

  3. This is one of my most used and beloved Essie nail polishes! It's possibly the most neutral and wearable green, great one for autumn :)

    chloé⎪ status.chlo


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