Wednesday, October 4, 2017


It still feels surreal that I'm off work on maternity leave now and in the final stages of preparing my life and home for the little bundle that will be joining us shortly. Life has been a whirlwind of baby shower planning, tying up loose ends and trying to get the nursery completed before all of the real excitement begins, which became more challenging with the addition of lots of baby gifts from all of the lovely ladies in my life at said baby shower! 
One of the beautiful gifts from my baby shower!

I'm still working my way through What To Expect When You're Expecting, but have also been reading fiction novels centered around mother's groups! Parenting and the dynamics of motherhood obviously fascinates me at the moment but hopefully my own antenatal group will be filled with a lot less drama than the ones I've been reading.

Mr and I have only just come to understand the beauty that is Spotify Premium, so we've been listening to all of our old favourites like Ying Yang Twinz, T Pain, T.I and random rap mixes. We're trying to work out how to go about listening to our favourite style of music with an infant in the house...definitely not child-appropriate lyrics there!

I put the call out on Twitter a week or two ago to find some television series recommendations for binging on during maternity leave, but so far all I want to watch is One Born Every Minute UK, Midwives and am thinking of continuing on with Call The Midwife which I started ages ago. I get so obsessed with certain shows at different stages of my life - it was home shows for a while (still a reoccuring obsession) then wedding dress realities, and now we're onto baby-central viewing!

I haven't been wearing perfume during this pregnancy as I've heard people have gone off their favourite scents that they wore while pregnant, and I would be devastated to fall out of love with Guerlain Champs Elysee etc! I've been wearing Bath & Body Works travel sized fragrance mists instead and adore them, but was recently sent the new Vera Wang Princess of Hearts and Katy Perry Indi and have cheekily worn them quite a few times now - nice and sweet, just how I like it!

Peach tones that I showed in my most recent post, and I'm finally about to dive into the new Urban Decay Naked Heat palette that I bought during the pre-release but haven't even swatched yet!

Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
I've been rotating the same drawer full of maternity wear for what feels like forever now. I'm absolutely in love with having a bump but it sure does limit your wardrobe when you don't feel like splashing out for lots of new clothes that you can only wear for a short time...

Right now I'm all about fruit, smoothies and cereal. Safe to say breakfast is definitely my favourite meal of the day...

Though it might make me sound like a whiny child, my parents are overseas at the moment and this 9 week trip they are on is too long for me! Mumma Bovary is my best friend and there is only so much Facetiming we can do to fill the void - I'm fragile and need a Mum-hug right now! The third trimester has been a tricky one health-wise and it's taking all of my strength to get through the tough days without her by my side.
My baby shower was last weekend and it was lovely - silly games, extremely thoughtful sweet gifts for my baby girl and I felt really nice and feminine in a flowy floral dress. It left me utterly exhausted though so I'm happy to be able to focus on the upcoming arrival of the little princess instead of party planning.

Definitely the birth of baby girl - she isn't technically due until November but it seems she will be making an appearance a bit earlier than we intended, so I am looking forward to starting this new adventure and finally meeting her! As I type she has the hiccups and is making my whole belly twitch - I'm going to miss feeling things like that when she makes her official entrance into the world.

I've actually started a Christmas wishlist, very early in an attempt to be organised before I slip into a foggy Mum-daze! I think my main wishes at the moment though are for my Mum and Dad to return home (hopefully in time for the birth!) and for baby girl to arrive safely.

Random Thought
My brain is very baby-centric at the moment - sorry if I've bored you here - but I think it's to be expected this late in the game!

How is your October going so far? 
Emma x

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