Friday, May 22, 2020

Olive Green and the Power of Compliments

Years ago when I was an undergraduate at university, I walked into an afternoon tutorial on an average Wednesday rugged up in a big scarf and with my bag heaving with a new stack of library books. The lady running the tutorial at the time is a local author and she stopped speaking to compliment my makeup and ask me where I was heading after class! The quickest and most simple compliment (I was heading home to read after class!) stuck with me for all these years, and subsequently every time I wear olive green or khaki eyeshadow I'm reminded of that moment and it makes me smile. It also reminds me that if you think a nice thought while out and about, it's often worth saying something to the person, it could make their day! I often throw quick (genuine!) compliments if I see someone wearing something lovely and some may think me strange, but I'm happy to take the risk so that they have a chance at that lovely feeling that I had years ago. Here are some of my favourite olive toned shades that I love to wear (not including the MAC shade I was actually wearing for that tutorial, Mink & Sable!)

-MAC Cosmetics 'Grand Entrance' from the Intriguing Scarlet Warm Eyes Palette (MAC Passions of Red collection, 2008)
-Chanel Illusion D'Ombre '84 Epatant'
-Prestige Total Intensity shadow 'Bewitched'
-Inglot Eyeshadow Pearl '419'
-LancĂ´me Ombre Hypnose 'Erika F'
-Colourpop Super Shock Shadow 'Hammered'
-Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Crayon 'Urban Camouflage'
Swatches! MAC, Chanel, Prestige, Inglot, Rimmel, Colourpop, Lancome
Have you ever given someone you don't know well a compliment? Or have you been given one yourself?
Are you a fan of green shades like the ones I've shared today?

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