Thursday, November 25, 2010

lemon lovely

A few weeks back I hosted a Body Shop party, and our consultant was my cousin, Ruth. My fam came, and a few of my friends, and the eventual in-laws. We got to spend an hour getting scrubbed and moisturised, as I had chosen the party that showcases The Body Shop's top 10 prodz. Standouts for me were the scrubs, I fell in love with them when my sister gifted me her mango tub ages ago(scent was too overwhelming for her) I looove strong smelling prodz, however, and was won over not only by the reminder of fresh mangoes every shower but how gritty the scrub itself is. The grains in it are coarse, and leave me feeling really soft. I had heard about the 'sweet lemon' range that The Body Shop have been rocking lately, but hadn't popped into a store to have a sniff yet. I leapt at it at the party, and ordered it as part of my free prodz (for hosting the party) I also nabbed a wild cherry soap bar, and Born Lippy pink guava lip balm.

Wild Cherry Soap Bar (100G $4.95)

Born Lippy Balm in Pink Guava(10ML $7.95)

Sweet Lemon Body Scrub (200ml $27.95)

If anyone is in the Melbourne area and is interested in hosting a Body Shop At Home party, email me and I can forward my cousin's details. I'd highly recommend it, it's nice to sit with a glass of wine and your girlfriend's when you're trialling prodz!

emmabovary x
(images nabbed from The Body Shop)


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the party, chatting with the girls (not that I could get a word in edgewise with the hosts family talking a million miles an hour at a very high decibel), drinking wine, nibbling and getting to try a lot of Body Shop products (I don't know about you love but I can never usually be bothered in store). I LOVE my cherry blossom perfume that I treated myself to (at this specific body shop at home party), but am not so in love with the sweet lemon scrub,there wasn't one to test there on the night so I thought it would be fine but I'm not a fan. It smells lovely but it leaves a coating on you after you wash it off, kind of a waxy, slick coating that water just runs off.
    I'll have to use it a few more times and see how I go, but I was a little disappointed. Also I noted that the graininess wasn't harsh enough for me and felt like it wasn't exfoliating a whole lot.
    :) otherwise and fun and good night!

  2. Glad you had fun=) I agree with the scrub, the texture is very different to the mango one I was used to. It's St.Ives for me now, can only do rough scrubs=) I will get one for you too, if you want?

    And you should be used to my shrill and very loud family by now;)


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