Monday, December 20, 2010

2010, almost done and dusted!

Was perusing my favourite blogs and came across this gem of a yearly wrap up at 'I Came to Make a Bang' Thought I would steal it and share the year that passed and the year ahead.

What was your 2010 resolution?
I think it was the usual- to lose weight, study hard, work heaps, and head overseas with Mister Christopher. I put on weight, studied moderately, worked heaps and enjoyed a holiday in Thailand and Malaysia =)

What will be your 2011 resolution?
To make 'emmabovarybeauty' something that you guys want to click on all the time. Your support gives me confidence that this can be made possible in 2011!
Another resolution is to rock a bright eye, and find the perfect red lippy for me!

Most memorable moment?
Snorkelling in Phuket...I'm not the bravest little chicken, and was proud that I wasn't afraid. (Even when the fish bit me on the bottom!)

What are you most grateful for?
Most grateful for having a sweet life. I am lucky to have a great family life, incredible man, and opportunities in life that send me to uni and allow me to work.
I'm happy and I'm healthy and I'm grateful for that!

Most exciting thing to happen?

Every little comment or tweet that I receive from the beauty blogging world! I adore this world, and am enjoying having a glimpse into it.

Did you try anything new this year?

emmabovarybeauty, snorkelling, and all of the certificates and courses I completed.

Any regrets?
Could have studied harder and made A's, could have worked more and saved too. All in all, I'm happy with the beauty prodz I spent pay checks on, and the B's I made at uni. All worth it!

What do you wish you could do again?
I wish I could have chosen a brighter colour scheme for my eyes- it was a neutral eye year, for sure!

How are you going to wrap up 2010?
I'm not a party girl, so I imagine I will bring in the new year and push out the old with sparkly nails & eyes, sequins and champers- at home with the fam ;)

That's my 2010/2011- what about yours?

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