Friday, December 10, 2010

Stella McCartney for Target

I know it's been a while since this collection hit Target, but the morning it was released Mum and I nicked down to our local Westfield to see what all the fuss was about. We had peeked at the images online beforehand, but as with any collection it's important to really see the pieces before deciding what you'd like to buy. I tried on a stack of the dresses in the change rooms, and snapped a few pics to mull over them.
This striped dress is actually really nice, but the size was way too big for me and the hand behind my back is actually holding a great swath of leftover fabric. Was too lazy to try it on in a smaller size, sorry guys, so it looks really strange at the front with the bulge...The gathering on the front of it would actually be quite flattering, the Greek food Chris' Mum makes is impacting my weight and any help in the tummy department from my clothing is appreciated!
Such a blurry iPhone picture here, whoops! This dress was nice, the fabric was quite thick and the lacing was tasteful. The only problem I had was that it had the sort of neckline where you need to throw your shoulders back constantly, to keep it from slumping over, or slipping down. The dark navy colour was a plus, though, nice to have a change from LBD's.
Here's a close-up of the lacing on the shoulder of one of the dresses- beautiful!This bad boy is probably my favourite from the collection that was close to affordable, and I am lemming it so hard... I needed to go a size down in this one, top half problem again. The shoes I'm wearing do not do this dress justice, I think with a plain black heel this would be stunning!

Coming up to Christmas, and with the cosmetics obsession I have, I couldn't justify dropping cash on any of these pieces. The trench dress and some of the silk shirts from the collection are really nice, but I haven't bought clothes lately as I'm working towards a capsule wardrobe (An eventual dream, and possibly a ridiculous thought to entertain...;) ) I did, however, grab one of the bags that came out in Stella's accessory line. The bag I originally wanted online was soooo much bigger in person, it was almost as big as me! I'll admit that I carry quite a bit in my handbag, but nothing that could justify a huuuuge bag! So I settled for this baby, in all her matte-black glory: I'd like you to excuse my crazy hair, and the mess of Christmas presents behind me=) Also note the Stella keychain attached to the bag and how adorable it is! It's 5 purple and gold circles that drop down and spell out 'STELLA'. Love! My Mum got the same bag but in a black patent finish, and the joy of that is I can wear either, all the time. Score! The bags aren't the greatest material, and I wouldn't overload them like I do with other bags for fear they would bust, but they are cute and they are Stella, so I love them nevertheless.

If any of you have tried on any peices or fallen in love with the gorgeous accessories she has brought out, shoot me a comment!


  1. Ooh the dresses are quite lovely, maybe I should give the range a look in :)

  2. They are so much nicer than I thought they'd be. A few weeks back they had %20 off the whole range, too. Shattered I bought stuff at full price now!


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