Thursday, December 9, 2010

Big Haul

Working in retail means I work every Thursday and Friday nights, but this week I was lucky enough to get them both off. Went out to my local Westfield for coffee on the Thursday after tea, and grabbed a few bits and pieces.
This Burt's Bees 'Mini Mani-Pedi Pack' retails for $14.95, but I found it in my local Perfume Connection for $9.95. Change from a tenner and 5 prodz in the box? SOLD! It contains a pumice stone, peppermint foot lotion, beeswax & banana hand creme, almond milk beeswax hand creme, and the most adorable nail file with a bumblebee print. I had been wanting to try the banana hand cream for a while, was in need of a nail file, and adore almond hand cremes, so there was no way I was walking away without this major bargain.

I also picked up a tube of Olay Touch of Sun daily facial moisturiser. This prod has SPF15, and a touch of sunless tanner in it that will hopefully bring a bit of life into my pale face. At the persistence of Yas from Primped and other sun-conscious beauty bloggers, I now wear facial sunscreen daily, and am interested to see how this version compares to others I have been using.

On Friday I headed into Melbourne CBD for the Great Shop Xmas Drop that the mag have been rocking, and though I wasn't fast enough to nab Shop goodies, I managed to haul some other lovely things=)

I took advantage of Target's 'Buy one get one free' with Revlon, and grabbed an under-eye concealer and Colourburst lipstick in 'Peach'. Mister Christopher told me to grab some goodies to fill my stocking with, so I headed to Illamasqua, intending to look at some pigments. Long story short, I had my makeup done and fell in love with an eyeshadow and a lippy, but I'm going to leave them for another post as they've been put away for Christmas. I will show you the results of my Illamasqua visit in the next few days though, Chris took some photos and I am digging the bronze smoky eye!

All of the other things I picked up were Christmas presents for family and friends (to be honest, mainly for Mister Christopher) and since I hope he and the rest of my family is reading emmabovarybeauty, I won't disclose what those parts of my haul were;)

Hope you enjoyed what I hauled this week, if you have any questions about anything mentioned fire away in the comment section. Also wanted to thank everyone who is reading this, there are a million blogs out there and I'm honoured that mine is one of the ones you click on. I'm posting daily now, so hopefully you're finding things of interest around my world=)

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