Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tis the time to give...

and receive, beautiful gifts;) Here I compile the beauty gifts that are floating around this season that I think would be great under your Christmas tree.

Lush Secret Santa
This pack comes in at $9.95, for which you get a Satsumo Santa bath ballistic, and a chunk of the Snowcake soap bar. The beautiful citrus in the Santa and almond in the Snowcake are really nice, and the pack looks much more substantial than the price might suggest=)
Image taken from Lush

Nars mini Multiple set Almost every beauty blogger I know loves the Nars multiple sticks, and I am a convert having felt how smooth these babies really are! The mini version of each shade is a nice idea for someone who is into beauty but not all the way obsessed, a nice way to bring them to the dark side ;)
Image taken from Mecca Cosmetica

Benefit All You Need is Gloss

Image taken from AdoreBeauty

This Benefit pack is such great value, as you get 6 shades for just under $50! The pack contains 3 double ended glosses, with a wide variety of colours. (I am digging the gold shade most) This is a perfect gift for a neice or younger sister who is gloss mad, to give her a foot in the Benefit door.

Travalo Refillable Atomiser
Image taken from Travalo
These are genius, and if they aren't in my stocking this Christmas I am buying some for myself! I have a few atomisers, and when I first saw Zoe Foster rave about these on Primped I was meh.. But oh how my opinion has changed. Zoe's post got me thinking, the only reason I don't use the atomisers I own now is the hassle of getting fragrances in there! The Travalo utilises a simple, non-messy pump action, and is lightweight (!) cute, and has a panel so you know how much is left before you run out. I spotted these at my local Perfume Connection for $24.95, so you can afford to pop this in with a bottle of perfume and there you go, perfect Christmas gift!

I will most likely post another of these gift guides before Christmas, as they're my favourite posts to write, and my lust list for beauty is lonnnng this year! Hope you are all having a stress-free December, and are getting excited because...

Santa's coming!!


  1. Ahh i love that Mecca set, I must own it! And that passion only grew after playing with them in store haha....

  2. I wondered what all of the fuss was about but after feeling the texture...heaven! I've asked Santa, so lets see how it goes..=P

  3. Arghhh I want them all *grabby hands*


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