Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lip Balm Love-Blistex Strawberry Lip Balm

Have had this for so long and find that while I don't use it regularly, when my lips are aching it does help.

Packaging:'Regular' sized tube, amount not specified on tube, deep pink colouring with white accents. Not the most exciting packaging, but it's nice.

Smell:To me, it smells like those bubblegum's tape I used to get as a kid, where you wind it out from a round container. Awesome.

Taste: Super-sweet! Problem with this is I'm constantly licking my lips, and needing to reapply. Doesn't feel great on the tongue, but it's not edible so I should probably just stop eating it...

Texture: You need to apply quite a bit of pressure with this balm, and it feels quite thick once it's on. Feels quite smooth, soothes my lips but sometimes isn't strong enough to take all the pain away.

Aesthetics: Nothing in terms of sheen or shimmer here, it's a good hardy balm that's not made for it's looks but for the job it does. Also worth mentioning that it has an SPF 16.

Reapplication: Can go quite a while in between applications due to it's thick nature (unless you can't resist eating it either..whoops!)

Repurchase: I hadn't realised how long this one had been sitting, and since it contains sunscreen it's going in the bin. Might repurchase...I'm not sure whether or not I am fussier than others when it comes to lip balms but I want perfection. This isn't perfection for me, though it is a good product.

(My 'so close to perfection' lip balm is coming up later in the week.)

emmabovary xx


  1. With the strong Aussie sun, I guess lip products with SPF is a must over here.'s time for me to invest in an SPF lip balm...will wait for your review on the best lip balm first...

  2. SPF balms are awesome! You should get one!


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