Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lip Balm Love-Nivea Light Kiss

I purchased Nivea Light Kiss on a whim at Priceline, with the idea of a 'light kiss' sounding quite appealing. The product itself,however, is not so appealing. Below I share my thoughts:

Packaging: Shimmery white tub, blue accents,10ML,screw top lid. Cute packaging, but not hygienic when you spend all day sticking your fingers in the tub to reapply.

Smell: A creamy, vanilla-esque scent, quite subtle and not overpowering.

Taste: Horrible. And when I lick my lips my tongue feels strangely numb, in a bad way.

Texture: When swiping this onto my finger it felt super-smooth, but once it hits the lips it balls up. I have to smoosh my lips together over and over to get the product evenly applied. It starts out gritty but once you work it in it smooths and feels silky. I get a cooling sensation from Light Kiss, and it is not sticky at all.

Aesthetics: A milky sheen, unless you've really worked hard to smooth it in with your lips. Once you do, it''s a subtle sheen to your lips that's quite nice.

Reapplication: I have tested and tested and tested this balm, trying my hardest to make it work.It lasts no longer than 3 minutes on me before I am in desperate need of more balm. While my lips are softened due to it's fast absorption, I like more moisturization on the outer layers of my lips and this doesn't provide that. Another things to point out in this category is that the milkyness of Light Kiss makes it hard to apply on the run- I don't want to be stuck with random milky lips, and don't always have access to a mirror when reapplying.

Repurchase: No thanks.

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  1. Sounds kind of.... Gross. Lucky you tried it before I did haha :D


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