Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lip Balm Love Week

Welcome to Lip Balm Love week here at emmabovarybeauty HQ. In order to gets your smackers kissable for your Valentine, some maintenance is necessary. As well as giving your kisser a once over while brushing your teeth, lip products such as balms, glosses and lipsticks are great ways to keep them looking beautiful. Some of the products I will be reviewing in the lead up to the big V day include:

Nivea Light Kiss

Burts's Bees balms and lip shimmers


Maybelline's Baby Lips

(among many others)
To fit them all in I may have to post more than once a day, so I hope that doesn't drive you guys nuts, and that you enjoy reading my thoughts on these products.

First up will be Nivea, and will hit the site when I head home from the baptism I am attending tomorrow=)

Hope your weekend is going well!

Love emmabovary xx

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