Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lip Balm Love-Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry

Bought this as I had heard so much about it being a 'cult' balm, and that the cherry version was the bomb. With raves like that, how could I not!

Packaging: 4.8 gram tube, white base with red cap. Case has subtle sparkles running throughout, the only thing that puts me off the packaging of this is that I find the lip falls off in my handbag=(

Smell: Faint cherry smell that isn't overpowering in the tube or on the lips. Lovely!

Taste: Nothing offensive here either, doesn't taste like anything which I like.

Texture:Silky and super slippery. Slipperiest balm I own, actually. Quite moisturising, but not my HG if my smackers are chapped and painful.

Aesthetics: Gorgeous sheer red sheen that is great to wear on it's own (would be great for Valentine's day!) Subtle shimmer runs through this.

Reapplication: Quite long lasting, and because it stays slippery my need for the 'wet' feel on my lips is satiated.

Repurchase: I think it will take me quite a while to get thru this tube, and

emmabovary xx

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