Monday, February 28, 2011

Steal My Kisses!

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in the shade 'Steal My Kisses' is the third in my Vinyl Gloss collection, so it is safe to say I am a fan.

Packaging: My tube is slightly different to the image above, the font is different and the lid of mine is a deep deep purple/mauve with slight red/pink shimmer. Sturdy hard packaging, with a great lid that doesn't let any gloss escape. Clear tube means I can see when I need to repurchase, which I love. Doe foot applicator makes it a dream to apply.
Taste: Nada.

Smell: I have heard that many people hate the smell of this, but I love it! Not sweet but not medicinal either, I find it hard to describe. If you have an aversion to scented gloss, sniff a tester of this before you shell out your coins, just in case.

Texture: Super smooth and easy to apply, no mirror needed. Not ultra-sticky, but enough to make it cling to lips, and last longer than a slippery/high shine gloss.

Aesthetics: 'Your lips but better', with a dusty pink tint. I took some shots of this on, but the camera doesn't pick up the shade properly, and posting the pic wouldn't do this gloss justice.

Reapplication: I find it longer lasting than some other glosses, but still need to reapply quite a bit throughout the day. Nature of gloss, I suppose.

Repurchase: Most certainly.

I have this in 3 shades, the first being similar to Steal My Kisses (the name escapes me) and the second is Clear, which I find great to wear over a bright red or coral lip.

My sister stole my first ever Vinyl Gloss from me, and is addicted to it more than I. She said that so far it's the best thing about me being obsessed with beauty prodz =D

Have any of you tried this gloss?Also, I was wondering if my lovely readers prefer an overview of my thoughts in a review, or if you prefer the broken-down version I used in this post? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!



  1. Great review I like the way you've broken it down, I must put these on my must try list :)

  2. I like the way you've broken it down too, it's very easy to use.

    I have a few of these glosses stashed away somewhere, I need to find them again.

  3. I haven't tried these Vinyl glosses, Steal My Kisses looks like such a lovely colour.

    Must try it next time I'm at the chemist!

  4. I really enjoy writing the posts in a broken down format, happy that you ladies do too.

    The glosses are really nice, Target are having a bargain bin sale on a heap of them if you're near one Jen=)


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