Monday, February 28, 2011

Keep Cup

I have been lemming one of these for so long, and have only yesterday succumbed to buying one. A cafe at my uni had them for $9 (usually $12) and so Candice and I got busy choosing possible colour combinations. This is what we came up with, my keep cup in all her beautiful glory!

I chose a small white cup, pink band for the middle, pink lid and turqouise for the topper. I thought at first it was too much pink, but I'm loving pink atm so whatever! The turqouise reallys spices it up, too. I looked online for more info on these babies but found nothing official, I know uni cafes often have them, as well as regular cafes. The choices are up to you, there are heaps of colour varieties and you can mix and match to your hearts content. I'm thinking I will buy a bright orange and yellow one next, for peppermint tea days.

A lot of places also offer cheaper coffee if you present a keepcup, which is a great bonus! I know I personally go thru quite a few coffee cups on any given day, so just thinking about how many I will be saving makes me feel good.

The pink band around the middle has options that the person taking your order can mark with a permanant texta, but I've never seen anyone utilise this feature. The options are the usual with coffee-capp, latte,FW,long or short macchiato or espresso, sweetener, sugar(and how many) low fat/soy milk, strong, hot, doppio, weak, decaf, organic, chai, tea, hot choc, and mocha.

Keep Cups keep barista's happy as it fits under their machines, the environment happy as you reduce paper cup usage, and they make you happy with their cuteness and lightweight design. $9 well spent!

emmabovary xx


  1. Oooh so cute :) the turquoise lid makes it look like a leaf <3

  2. Oh I never thought of that! *looks down at coffee* Like a leaf on a flower =D


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