Monday, February 28, 2011

My Mecca Wishlist

I've been curbing quite a bit of my spending lately, and so 'wishlist' and 'lust-haves' are the terms of the month(as opposed to 'haul') I only discovered Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima last year, but the love has most certainly blossomed between us. I think that it's not so much the stellar brands and knowledgable staff that do it, but more that the whole concept makes my obsession with beauty loot seem completely natural! I spent a break at uni perusing the Mecca Cosmetica website, and thought I'd share my cravings with you. Enjoy!Blush is my new fave thing, and this one from Stila is irresistible. Candy conversation hearts, in blush form? Be still my beating heart and flushed cheeks! Available March 7. Ltd Ed.

This NARS Tainted Love set is so pretty, it's quite obvious that pink is my thing right now and so I'd love to overload on it with these prodz. Set contains Angelika gloss, Angelika multiple, and Schiap polish. $135. Ltd Ed.

I had a makeover at Mecca Maxima and these peel pads were used on skin has never felt that soft! I was hesitant at first ('peel pad...?') but these weren't harsh or drying on my skin. I received a sample that I am yet to use, but if all goes well I think I will purchase these. $135 for a 30 day supply in travel sachets. Sherbet inspired fragrance? Comme des Garcons you have me enthralled! It's probably for the best that the one I want most (Rhubarb) is unavailable. Want to sniff these and see if the idea works. $69 for 30mls. Rhubarb, Peppermint, or Cinnamon. Having a love affair with Clinique at the moment and it feels so good. This set is adorable! It's the Ltd Ed Pretty Day Into Night Looks set, and will set you back $80.

That concludes my Mecca wish-list (for now)

Lemming anything from Mecca?

emmabovary xx


  1. Ooh, love that Stila blush! It looks amazing, though knowing me I'd probably be too scared to use it hehe

  2. Argh the nars set and the peel pads!!!! Want!!! :D

  3. Celina- I am the same with pretty prodz, especially when they are limited editions! The gold overlay on some of the hearts wears off='(

    Jade- you have great taste;) Love your most recent FOTD too- amazing!

  4. The stila blush is gorgeous, I was lucky enough to pick it up in February at Urban Outfitters in NYC for the grand total of $14. I was so excited, I assumed it would be A LOT more expensive back home in Aus. I'll have to post a review soon fo you lovely!

  5. I grabbed the Stila blush at Mecca the other day, so so so happy! I'm planning a review too, can't wait to see yours=) Have you gotten rid of the gold overlay yet? Will be a sad,sad moment for me!

  6. YAY! How much did it set you back at Mecca? It's so pretty! Most of the gold is gone now unfortuantely :(

  7. $25, which I thought was pretty good. I'm going to try to use one side only, to preserve the gold haha


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