Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Empties

This is my first month of 'empties', and I hope to continue this throughout the year and work thru the prodz I have lying around. I have seen a few bloggers completing the 'empties' themed posts, but the one who inspired me to give it a go was Beautifully Glossy, with her January empties post. Here I share with you what I used up in the last month.

*Swisspers Facial Cleansing Wipes (25 pack)

Full review is coming up within the week, all I will say now is that I am not a fan, and will not be repurchasing. This came in a two pack, and I gifted the other as I couldn't continue using them.

*Lux Shea Exfoliating Scrub (exfoliating body wash) with Shea Butter and Caramel. 75+ washes

Apart from the fact that this prod can't decide if it is a scrub or a body wash, I enjoyed using it. Could have been sweeter, but maybe that's just me. Review up within the week.

*Eco Aroma Shower Oil

This is to be tipped onto the shower floow to fill the area with 'great aroma'. They don't specify what sort of aroma, but whatever it was I didn't mind it. Felt a bit like I was cleaning the shower, but also gave a steam room sort of atmosphere. Probablly won't repurchase as wasn't that excited by it. Bottle lasted 2-3 showers.

*Formula no306 Verbene & Lemon Energizing Shower Gel (Received in the Primped 2010 goodie bag) 75 ml

Beautiful packaging, very lightweight with a silver lid and simple old-school label written in both French and English (ooh la la=) ) Raised branding on plastic bottle gave a luxurious feel. Average lather, but the smell was divine! The verbena cuts right thru the tart lemon and lifts it into a different dimension. Lovely prod, will repurchase.

*Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Scrub

I was so very excited to buy this product, and it sadly did not live up to the hype I gave it. The mango version of this was tops, but the lemon was super tart and I wasn't always in the mood for that. My main concerns, however, were the slimy bits in it (what are they!?) and the oily feel it left on my skin. Will not repurchase, though I may try another scent and hope it's more like the mango scrub.

*I went thru some perfume samples in Feb, two mini spray bottles of Gucci's Flora and one of Paco Rabanne's Lady Million. Chris loves the 'Million', both guys and girls, and though I liked it I didn't like it enough to head out and buy it. I bought Chris the guys version, and he is in love. Smells amazing, better than the ladies, I think. Gucci's Flora, on the other hand- love! Not something I would have ever tried, but this subtle floral sat nicely on me. May repurchase in the future if funds permit.

*Sportsgirl 'Get The Tint' lip and cheek tint

Loved this with a passion late last year, and gave it a whirl again for a few times this February. Gives a super natural flushed look, as long as you blend fast (as with most tints). Not sure if they still make this one, I will probably purchase it again if they do.

*Revlon Colorstay Concealer

I'll admit this was already pretty much empty, but I made sure it was all gone this month. Nothing outstanding, but not caky either. Possible repurchase if no other concealer wows me.

*Clinique Anti-Blemish Moisuriser

Well this a shitty sample for me- got it in a pack with the rest of the 3-step and used it up much quicker than I used the other prodz! Luckily the lovely Clinique girl took pity on me and gave me another. Will be purchasing a full size of this very soon. Review up soon, too.


  1. Good job finishing stuff, I'm still working on it, haha I find it so difficult. :)

  2. It's such a good feeling to use up all the things I have lying around but I find it so hard to use them all up completely!


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