Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lux Caramel Body Wash

Lux often tempt me with their scented body washes, and this one was no different. I found this one to smell better in the bottle than during use, but still pleasant nonetheless. It seems to be confused as to whether it is an 'exfoliating scrub' or an 'exfoliating body wash', I personally see it as the latter. 400ml is said to last 75+ washes, and I would say this is about right as I used it for two-three months all up.

Packaging: Nice sturdy 400ml bottle, mostly clear with a creamy caramel toned lid. To be stored with product lying at bottom (ie 'upside down') which I love, I hate waiting for the stuff to drip down. Images of caramel peices and shea nuts sit at the base of the bottle, accentuated with sparkles. Love the packaging, really classy.

Scent: Super-caramelly at first sniff, but the sweetness is not overwhelming in the shower. This is probably a good thing, but I myself wouldn't have minded if it upped it's sweetness.

Texture: Creamy and moisturising, I would classify this as a moisturising body wash rather than any sort of exfoliator, despite the particles that are suspended in it.

Pros: 100% soap free, lathers amazingly well, leaves skin feeling silky smooth, scent left after shower is light but nice. I always reach for my vanilla-based perfumes after using this as I think they pair together perfectly. Reasonably priced at around $5.49 for 400ml, or $9.39 for 700ml.

Cons: Not as sweet as it could be, not as coarse as a scrub or exfoliant should be.

Pros certainly outweigh the cons for this Lux prod, and I'm sure I will come around to purchasing it again in the future.

emmabovary x x


  1. I sniffed this at Priceline a while back and loved must get it when all my current ones run out :)

  2. It's not as sweet on the skin which I've grown to love=) Let me know what you think of it once you've given it a go.

    emma xx


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