Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mentos Aqua Kiss

The centre that I work in gave our store about ten boxes of these Mentos Aqua Kiss gum in Alaskan. It was intended as a centre promotion, but they never gave us direction on what was up with it. "Here's boxes of gum, it's for a promotion." Alrighty then. I work in a jewellery store, and I'll guarantee you right now that if I gave my customers a pack of gum with every diamond they bought, I would get a slap in the chops! But we were sure they would appreciate their sales assistants having super-fresh breath, so we chowed down ourselves.

Alaskan is apparantly the cool way to say peppermint. This isn't a spicy gum, which is good because I am a sissy when it comes to those. I am normally a spearmint girl for this reason, but this peppermint is yummy.

It must also be noted that I am, nor have I ever been a gum girl. In high school having a pack of chewies and sharing them made you the king/queen, but I never got into the fad. Yes, I was even a dork in the land of gum,folks. Mentos Aqua Kiss, however, has got me hooked. Delicious, long-lasting flavour, cool packaging, sugar-free. Perfection in the land of gum.
emmabovary xx

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