Friday, July 29, 2011

A Mixed Bag-FOTD,OOTD and day in the life

You know when you have one of those stellar days and nothing can wipe the smile from your face? That's today for me, so I thought I'd throw this post together and show you why I'm smiling!
A very sleepy FOTD
Prodz used: Face of Australia primer*-Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel in Ivory*-YSL Creme de Blush in #2 Powdery Rose-Face of Australia liquid liner*-Benefit Bad Gal mascara-Clinique and Essence quad as featured in previous post-L'Oreal Colour Riche Serum lipstick in Freshly Candy-Essence Lipgloss in 'Me & My Icecream'-Face of Australia translucent powder-
Felt great with this look,I scrubbed my face with my Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant last night and my skin feels so much nicer. I felt pretty all day, naw

A recent acquisition
OOTD which does not do my new leather skirt justice! It's lazer cut along the bottom with tear drops and a floral pattern, it's perfectly high waisted and not too short. Bought it in Portmans last week while shopping with my Mumma, it was love at first sight! I've paired it with a plain black singlet and my Granny's black cardi today, and some el cheapo Rubi leopard flats that are my comfy walking shoes.
So as well as feeling great about my outfit and face today, the main reason I'm so happy is because I went to Doncaster with my Mum and my Aunty, who is on holidays from work (rare to see her mid week!) We met my cousin and a family friend there, and chatted while we wandered around and had lunch together. Sadly, none of them are makeup mad, so I didn't get to spend as much time as I normally would in my fave shops, but the day was so lovely it didn't matter.
Regatta leather loafers
I dress quite old for my age, and I've been looking for a nice leather loafer to wear to uni and to the shops. These seemed really comfy on, and were 50% off the already reduced price in Myer. These look nice on, and more modern once I pair them with jeans and a cute top. They do look quite nanna in the box, but I don't mind :)

Drink Bottle from Daiso
I was excited to hear there was a Daiso near me in Melbourne, and visited for the first time today. Thought it was super cute, despite not knowing/understanding what a lot of the products were due to the language barrier. I picked up this drink bottle for uni, to motivate me to drink more water! It's plastic, not metal, and I liked that as I'm worried the metal ones would leave a metallic taste in my mouth. My skin is dehydated and my fitness isn't great, so I'm trying the 'Swap It' program the Australia Government has proposed. You make small changes (water over soft drink, walking instead of taking a lift etc) to try to improve overall fitness. Being a lazy ass, this is a much better way for me to attempt to overall my fitness!

Love my body scrubs, and since everything in Daiso is $2.80 I had nothing to lose so decided to try this. Our family friend lives out that way and had tried the Daiso eyelashes too, she said they were really good so I might give them a go next time.

A Kit Cosmetics goody!
Stopped by Kit to gush over the gorgeous Viva La Colour displays they have up- such a great concept, with a gorgeous hint of Mexican flavour. I'm having a Viva La Colour make over next week so didn't buy everything I wanted, just this beauty. Swooned over it in the tube, and once I saw the gorgeous SA had it on I knew it was coming home with me.

Kit Cosmetics Viva Rose

The stunning Viva Rose

Tried it on instore and my family agreed that it was a stunner. The SA who served me was also the loveliest I've had in a long time (bar Illamasqua Melbourne, who are #1 and awesomesauce) The coral lippy and wine shade they had out looked gorgeous as well, I will probably buy them next week. I have nail swatches from the collection coming up next week, too. Wearing Viva Rose lipstick right now, this is what it looks like on me

Viva Rose
I also got a few bits and bobs during the week, but I think I'll leave that for another day.
Happy Friday to all, I hope you have amazing weekends! Let me know what you get up to!
emmabovary xx

(*Marked products were sent from PR for consideration or were received free with magazine purchase. The rest were purchased by moi)


  1. Gorgeous! The lip color is fab!

  2. You look beautiful, Emma! I love the pop of pink on your cheeks :) Not sleepy at all!
    I love the skirt, very chic! Bottle is so cute :)

  3. The YSL blush looks so pretty on you~

  4. You look gorgeous in your FOTD!

  5. Nice haul!! That lipstick is perfect on you! :)

  6. I love loafers and cardies! Granny stylin' fo lyf.

  7. @Yami- thank you *blushes*

    @Su- I love the pop of pink too, it's just what I needed to brighten me up. The bottle is so cute hey!

    @pop- I'm loving creme blush atm, thanks hun

    @Angela- naw thanks so much

    @Kayleigh- yeah I did alright :) I love it when a lippy just fits straight away

    @Michelle- grannies rule!

    Thank you so much for all of the lovely comments, it makes posting FOTD's less scary! xxxxx

  8. You look so pretty! That skirt is HAAAAWWWWT! Leather looks classy on you! That lipstick is so sick- I need it. So much lemming right now :(

  9. I also think you look gorgeous my dear, as usual. Gonna have to try that scrub you used- skin looks luminous!
    I love this skirt! Looks even more gorgeous in person!
    Viva Rose looks great on. Will have to try one of the kit lipsticks. Love their presentation and saw the Mexican promo in an e-mail, loving the colours!

  10. @Annica- naw thanks gorgeous girl! I'm really into leather atm, loving it sick.

    @Candi- the Kit lippies are super soft, so lovely. Try it next time you're over=)


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