Monday, August 1, 2011

July Empties!

Not the biggest lot of empties, but felt good to get rid of some things I'd been wanting to use up!
*Rexona Deodorant- doesn't do the best job, so will not be repurchasing.

*Clinique Take The Day Off makeup remover-received this deluxe sample as part of a GWP and kept it at Chris' house. While I liked it, I prefer another makeup remover. A review of the two is coming up!

*Steam Cream in Felicity (ltd ed. tin design)-purchased this from Kit Cosmetics, and it expired on the 26th of the month. Lightweight and fluid, I used up most of this and was happy with it. Will be rinsing the cream out and using the pretty tin to store hair clips

looks full but I promise it's not! Only a little left inside

*Priceline wipes- my very favourite, no other has come close (yet)

*Freeman Salt Body Scrub in Guava- review to come, I powered through this so fast

*Revlon Fabulash mascara- kept this at Chris' and it had become too dry to use comfortably, a little too crunchy for my liking towards the end of it's life. Probably one of the best mascaras I've used in quite a while though, drew compliments literally every time I wore it! Another GWP winner for me.

*Covergirl Amazemint in No Care Bare- found this meandering at the back of my drawers, and realised it was empty. Smells like mint and is a nice nude shade, if I didn't have a million glosses I would consider repurchasing!

Have you tried any of these products?
How did you go for empties this month?
emmabovary xx

*As always, products were all purchased by moi unless stated (eg GWP or PR sample)


  1. I have been meaning to try the Steam Creams. The packaging looks good. Great idea to use the tins as storage :)

  2. Feels good to finish something off - makes you feel more justified buying more! ;)

  3. @Su- I fall in love with a new tin every time I go into Kit,they are so adorable!

    @Kayleigh- exactly! I'm trying to use up the samples and things like that too=)

  4. I need to start emptying some of my products too~ lol.

    Looking forward to the makeup remover review hun~

  5. Might try Priceline wipes, been holding off buying wipes to see how I'll survive without them, and I'm dying :P Great post ^^

  6. Glad you like Fabulash! I always rave about it but no-one else seems to think its all that special. Thought I was a bit crazy for liking it so much.

  7. I've tried some other Freeman products but not the Salt Body Scrub. WANT! :)

  8. @Popblush- It's such a great feeling to be getting through some of my stash! I'll have the review up soon x

    @Michelle-How can you live without wipes!? These are such strong and soft material, and never dry out.

    @Hannah-I've not heard anyone rave about it either, but the compliments don't lie! I really liked it

    @Di- It's the first Freeman product I've used, I'll review it soon =)

  9. Oooh looking forward to the skin scrub review :)

  10. @Jade- I'm hoping to incorporate more and more scrub reviews here, since they are my fave thing!

  11. I am also interested in what you thought of the Freeman scrub, I'm almost finished my scrub and after a new one :)
    I love the idea of the squeezy tube too :p

  12. @Candi- A review is coming your way=) Squeezy tube is helpful I agree

  13. @Candi- A review is coming your way=) Squeezy tube is helpful I agree


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