Thursday, August 4, 2011

the emmabovary lust list

lust list

Attempting to save for ABBW2011 as well as the Europe trip I have planned for next year means I've been holding off on some of the things I'd usually buy. I'm being realistic and know that I will eventually own most if not all of this, I'm trying to pace it out and spread out the pain to the purse. First up is definitely the Chanel shadows, the lemming is literally burning my chest and I've got to put out the flame. My world will be complete when I get my hands on one, if only for a moment. Here is the rundown of what has been flooding my mind

*Chanel fall 2011, particularly the shadows. epatant will most likely be the first I pick up, who knows what will hop in my basket after that
*Nars Outremer, because although I have too many bright shadows as it is, this one is such a stunner. Have heard it's hard to work with though, only swatching will tell;)
*Nars Grand Palais, I am in desperate need of some everyday shades and since I'm yet to own a Nars duo, I thought this could pop my cherry
*Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, simply to compare with my beloved Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant. My flaky skin needs all the scrubbing it can get, I love it.
*The Body Needs pressing kit, to smush up my loose powders so I can arrange them in a pretty palette. That reminds me that I also need a pretty palette, hmmm...
*Camel Cape from Rachel Zoe's new line! It just hit shopbop and it is right up my alley
*MuLondon White Chocolate Truffle Moisturiser- finally, a way to slather myself in dessert without it being messy and wrong! Jade has got me lemming this, and when I use up a bit more of my other moisturizers I'm going to give it a go.
*Korres lip balm in Jasmine. Pretty pot full of sweet lip soothing goodness, not that I need it but oh well.
*MAC Scene eyeshadow since I'm still lemming a gorgeous grey to pop into my MAC palette which is a little bare right now. I was originally gunning for the grey from Surf Baby but wasn't impressed when I swatched it.
*Orange satchel bag, this one happens to be from Asos but I'm not really fussed where it is from. I actually saw a really nice one is a recent Grazia magazine, which I'm going to try and chase up.

Now, here is the part where you make me feel better and share what YOU are lemming?
emmabovary xx
(lemming: wanting, craving, needing, desiring, do want)


  1. WHOOA I totally just got why your webname is Emma Bovary. WHOOOOOOA.

    To actually contribute: COMPLETELY lemming a HUGE order from Ophelia's Apothecary on Etsy. The liptints are amazing and the foot balm looks awesome. And the lipscrub has HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS in it.

    In other news, my eternal lemming is a bottle of Guerlain - Shalimar. And also to magically transform into someone who can pull off this smell.

  2. Haha what made you realise? Not many people know it, they just think it's my name;P
    OMG a lip scrub with 100's and 1000's? whaa that's crazily awesome. And I've heard Shalimer is hard to pull off, have never sniffed it myself sadly. My everyday scent is Champs Elysees, adore it

  3. I'm now lemming the nars and chanel eyeshadows!! so beautiful xo

  4. Korres lip butters are amazing, probably the best I've ever tried! And they smell lovely :)

  5. Oh, the new Chanel eye shadows! I loved them the minute i saw them!
    My lemmings, where should I start?!! Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, Guerlain Tonka Imperiale, so many scents from BPAL, Illamasqua Pure Pigments, sigh....

  6. that bag is GORG! love the shade :)

  7. I may have to check out MAC Scene. I have a problem where all greys and silvers turn blue on me, so invariably I'll post a look with a silver or grey and someone will comment like "I like that icy blue!" or "nice smokey blue" and I'm like "ARGH YELLOW SKIN Y U DO THIS TO ME D;" So yeah, I shall have to swatch that and see if it's blue on me. XD

    I need to make a lust list, maybe if I make a picture collage I will realise how ridiculously long my list is.....or maybe I'll realise what items I *really* want and which are nice-to-haves.

  8. Ohh loving the satchel bag. I brought one off asos a few months ago and I LOVE it :)

  9. MULondon <3 it's my July fave moisturiser <3

  10. I'll admit it here, two of the things are off the lust list and are sitting on my vanity! Squeeee

    @Hannah- Aren't they just so beautiful *swoon*

    @Shanice- I'm so excited to try it out!

    @Su- I adore my Illamasqua pigments, such amazing products that I really do need to review!

    @Kayleigh- I love bright bags, I own more orange than black if you can believe it!

    @Jerry- Ohh give it a swatch and let me know how you go! So annoying when that happens I know. And I find making these lists helps weed out the things I am really in love with =) Whatevers up there has made it past the cutting board!

    @Ella- I haven't bought anything from asos (yet!) Am so late to the party!

    @Jade- I trust your judgement, going to have to get it =)


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