Monday, August 8, 2011

Viva La Colour with Kit Cosmetics!

I was lucky enough to be invited along to Kit Cosmetics to get my face made over, to celebrate the Mexican-inspired Viva La Colour collection they have instore. I went along with the beautiful Melissa , who has also blogged about the experience here. Kit is always one of my first stops when I visit the city, the staff are super helpful without being pushy and the range is kept fresh. The store stocks the Kit brand as well as other winners such as Mario Badescu, Smashbox and Too Faced. If you have never been into a Kit before, try and swing by- it's amazing in there!
Products in the Viva La Colour collection
My gorgeous MUA Caitlin was rocking a seriously bright face, including a fuschia lip using a lippy from the collection. I chose to incorporate bright eyes as well, but with a tangerine lip to mix it up a bit.

The empty Kit stand, as we were using most of the goodies!

My skin was cleansed-toned-moisturised before the fun began!

The base being applied.
I have the biggest lemming for the new foundation Caitlin chose for me, the new Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation ($44.95) I was matched to the shade Light, and I found that my flakies weren't accentuated and my skin looked great well into the night. Very impressed with the kabuki that was used, it was so soft I sighed when my foundation was being applied!
Colour was introduced
I was fascinated with the yellow that Caitlin had used on Melissa before me, and so we used that paired with the pink above, and lined the lower lashline with the purple from the top of the image. I don't usually choose purple for my eyes, so was happy that Caitlin had made me branch out.
'Wow Factor' eyeshadow

The completed look!

Caitlin, Melissa and Moi

A dopey face, but how bright is that shadow! Squee!

Flash made me super-shiny, looked much better in person. Was at home at this point, hence the change in lighting.
Caitlin and myself, in front of the gorgeous Viva La Colour stand
At the end of my makeover Caitlin asked what my two favourite products were, and wrapped them up for me! I chose the cheek and lip duo I'd been lemming for ages, and the Fire Lighter lipstick.

My beautiful gifts!

Fire Lighter and 'Pretty Cheeky' duo
Overall the whole experience was wonderful, and reminded me that bright makeup doesn't have to be scary and intimidating. With the right technique you can pull off looks you have always dreamed of, but you never know if you don't try! A big thank you to the EGPR beauties, Caitlin and the Kit team for having me.
emmabovary xx

*All images were taken with my camera and belong to me. I was a guest of EGPR and Kit Cosmetics for this event, and though I was kindly gifted two products it in no way affects my review of the experience.


  1. Who'da thunk that yellow and pink would look SO INSANELY GORGEOUS IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY!?
    You look amazeballs! Love love love.

    Can't wait to see the review of the gifts! SQUEE!

  2. I think Caitlin did the same look on both of us but you rock the eye colours better than me :P
    And I SO wanted the lip/cheek duo AND the foundation too!
    Fire Fighter is so flattering!!!

  3. @Annica- Thank you! I would have never thought to pair them together but it looked so amazing on Caitlin that I had to give it a go=)

    @Ling-it's such a great look isn't it! I am lemming the foundation so much, and the kabuki too. Stellar range, for sure!

  4. Wow, you lucky duck :D You look gorgeous ^^

  5. @Michelle- I feel very lucky right now! Thanks for saying I look gorgeous=)

    @Yolly-not a word usually associated with me, so thank you!

  6. I have that cheek duo and I LOOOOOOOOVE IT :D And you're looking mighty fine there, missy!

  7. @Jerry Dazzlepants- how do you apply your duo? I tried it out this morning and found it was much more sheer than expected (comparing it to Stila CC's which I use on cheeks) so would love any tips you have! And thanks;)

  8. Love the look! Gorgeous bright eyes.
    Glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something different.

  9. Thanks Candi=) It sure does feel good to be brave!


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