Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in 84 Epatant- swatches,review and EOTD

This little pot has stolen my heart with it's shimmering beauty, and I waited with baited breath for it to be released in Australia. The week that it did I headed into the city to swatch my heart out, though I already knew that the magnificent Epatant would be the first to come home with me. And yes, the previous statement makes it clear that I plan on bringing more into my makeup family;) Next up will be Ebloui I do believe. Pink Sith posted here about them, so I blame her for the lemming, but I digress.
The new Chanel Illusion D'Ombre long wear luminous eyeshadows are a permanent collection (yay!) and are encased in classy glass jars with black gloss lids. The consistency is awesome, they are a bouncy cream gel style formula with plenty of shimmery loveliness. They claim to be long wearing and luminous, and I agree with these claims. 
The shadows come in 6 shades, Epatant being a shimmering khaki green taupe that is flecked with gold.
 Glossy black box with product details

The two main ways the shadows can be used are outlined on the lid, I first used the shadow all over the lid but lately have been rocking Epatant as a liner (upper and lower)

You get a specially designed brush with your shadow, created to compliment these shadows. I find it to work perfectly with them for both a wash of colour or for use as a liner.
Cute little brush with cover to slip it into
A nice angle for liner as you can see. As you can also see, I couldn't wait to use this, so the brush is not perfectly clean.
Luxurious packaging of the shadows
Glides on so easily, the above image is a single light swatch. The colour is so deep, and the more you build it up the better it gets. As a liner it's stunning, and I think that it is my favourite way to wear it.
A slightly blurrier swatch to give you an indication of the shimmer factor.
Not the clearest photo, but you can see the effect it has on the eye.
Love Love Love this on the lower lashline. If a body part were to be included in my August favourites, my lower lashline would be it! 
So far I've worn Epatant as a liner (top and bottom) more often than an all over colour, but I will continue to experiment and let you know how I go. I used this shadow with MAC Painterly paint pot as a base and found no creasing, so am a happy camper. I initially thought I wouldn't get a heap of wear out of this, but I have been reaching for it a bit and think it will serve me well. Looking forward to bringing new bouncy Chanel babies into my makeup family in the near future.
Illusion D'Ombre's retail for $48 AUD and can be purchased from Myer, DJ's or wherever you normally get your Chanel fix from. Mine was purchased with my own cash from the Chanel counter in Bourke St Myer (Melbourne)
 Internationally, please check your Chanel site for more details.
Have you succumbed to any of these little pots of beauty?
emmabovary xx


  1. Damn these are expensive! But it is so pretty :D I think I have rather get the Armani Eyes to Kill though. I hear better things about the Armani ones!
    I just love how this color looks on your eye though :)

  2. Loverly! It looks awesome on you. Sorry to create lemmings but it is worth

  3. i just saw a swatch of this online and was still undecided on purchasing it, then read ur blog post and am now convinced to get

  4. Soooo gorgeous! I want them all lol. Love Epatant on you! x

  5. What a beautiful shimmery greyed green. Epatant flatters your eyes quite well!

  6. @Nancy-Ahh fair enough. I almost bought the Armani but just wasn't impressed enough by them. I love the colour of Epatant too, thanks hun=)

    @Elvira-Thank you so much! You are often the creator of my lemmings, but the advice is always sound;)

    @Priyanka- This would look amazing on you! Emerveille would suit you too. Can't wait to see them on you;)

    @Jess- Thank you sweetie! Epatant is awesome x

    @Dovey- It's such a complex colour up close, truly stunning. I think it makes the green in my eyes stand out, glad you like it on them too=)

    Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies! xx

  7. Haha Michelle I love that phrase!


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