Monday, August 22, 2011

Rimmel FOTD

Lately I've been thinking about love quite a bit, and it has seeped into most facets of my life. I'm talking all sorts of love- family love, boyfriend love, camembert love (and oh what a love that is!) and naturally, cosmetic love. A product that I've fallen in love with is the Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation* which was sent to me a while back from Rimmel. Today I was inspired to paint my face only using products from Rimmel, and this is what eventuated.
My Rimmel FOTD
I scrounged through my makeup drawers to see whether or not I had enough to make an entirely Rimmel based look, and I was happy with what I came up with.
Some of my Rimmel Collection
You should not that there are some major players missing from the above image...where is the bronzer and blush??...
My poor Rimmel bronzer hit the tiles during the week, may he rest in sweet cosmetic heaven. He was the second of his kind to join my makeup family, I'd already used one up once before. Find this to be really natural and affordable, and I will definitely repurchase. The silly little blush was purchased from Target and was wrapped so darn hard that I chipped 4 nails trying to get him out, and ended up giving up. I used NYX Peach as a replacement, it may be considered cheating but I was so frustrated!
Okay, on to zee eyes!
*The Max Volume Flash mascara in Ultra Black. This was my first time using this, and I am impressed!
*Eye Definer eyeliner in Jet Black, not as black as it could be but really nice nevertheless.
*Exaggerate Eye Crayon in Wild Thing was used as a base for my shadows, but I found it quite sheer and hard to work with.
*Colour Rush mono eyeshadow in #130 Tribute and oh she is a stunner. I love this shadow, the pigmentation is grand and the colour is unlike anything else in my collection.
*Colour Rush eyeshadow trio in Dreamy lacked pigmentation in the lower two shades, but I liked the top as a wash over my lid.
*Colour Rush eyeshadow quad in Bold Behaviour  is a gorgeous mix of shades, but for this look I only used the purple shade in the top left corner. I ran it through the crease before layering Tribute over it, which toned down the brightness and changed it quite a bit.

Now for zee lips!

 *Moisture Renew lipstick in #700  Nude Delight is my most opaque nude, and I usually use it as a base over pigmented glosses. For this look, I went au natural and layered a pink toned nude over the top instead
*Vinyl Gloss Mirror Shine lipgloss in Snog (at least I think it is, the tag is worn) The smell of this is weird but I've grown to really love it, it's a great gloss. My sister steals this every time I buy it, drives me crazy but makes me smile too.
Not the most flattering shot, but a realistic look at the shades

Really like the look of Tribute smudged on the lower lash line!
A better look at Tribute, and this is pretty much the only shot that shows any hint of purple!
I really like the direction Rimmel seems to be taking with their bright fun cosmetics, and getting the incredible Zooey Deschanel on board was a big win.
I have reviews of the foundation and mascara coming up, but if anything else here has caught your eye please let me know.
What Rimmel goodies have knocked your socks off?
emmabovary xx

(*The foundation was sent to me from Rimmel but it did not affect my opinion of it in the slightest, I promise. The single shadow was in a GWP if I remember correctly, and the mascara was a bonus for something too. Honesty, always.x)


  1. I love Nude Delight on your lips~ Lovely!

  2. Gorgeous! That lipstick looks divine! Quite impressed with the Rimmel products you have- I usually just skim over them but now I'll take more notice.

  3. @PopBlush thank you! I really liked the way it looked with the gloss on top, a nice nude for me=)

    @Haute_Style thanks heaps, yeah I didn't realise how many I actually owned until I started this post! I pick most up on sale ;) Naw more FOTD, for you, anything=D

  4. Love the look, especially that lip combo!

  5. I like Rimmel's lip and nail products, but I have never tried any face or eye products. But I love the eye look you did. Very wearable for everyday. The quad looks really nice as well.

  6. @Jen thank you so much, that means a lot coming from a lip queen such as yourself=) xx

    @Yami There you go! I highly recommend the foundation, I'm loving it. I don't think I captured the eye looking its best, so I appreciate you liking it=) xx

  7. That is super pretty - I think I need to investigate the foundation.

  8. very pretty no makeup makeup look:)

  9. @Yolly thanks! I don't mind it either ;P

    @Clare the foundation is great, I'm really enjoying it

    @Priyanka it is quite subtle, I'll try to do some brighter looks soon=)

  10. I love that lipstick, I have it too! :) And I think eventuated is now my word of the day! LOL

  11. @Kayleigh when I read your comment I was like ? I didn't realise I'd used that word. I've been wearing Nude Delight a heap lately, really liking it=)


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