Monday, October 10, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

While the other side of the world is settling into fall trends, we here in Australia have stepped into spring! Living in Melbourne, I am used to experiencing four seasons in a single day, but still greet the beginning of a new season with a smile. I feel as though my makeup mindset is reinvigorated, and this is what I see as 'spring makeup' from within my collection.

 A palette of pastels and sweet shimmers have got me excited about makeup again! I've been loving healthily glossy lips and pink tones of every description.
*Revlon Minted nail polish is a sweet minty pastel green shade that I fell in love with at first sight. I'm planning on doing a mani with this under the new Pink Breast Cancer OPI shatter.
*Ulta3 Bo Peep is a sexy hot pink shade. I love the Ulta3 formulation and this is one of my favourite colours from them, I love it under a glitter polish.
*Kit Shop Loves Sunset featured in this mani, and is a muted yet bright coral orange shade designed by my favourite magazine Shop Til You Drop.
*Revlon's Super Lustrous balm in Peach Crystal smells amazing, and leaves a super subtle tint on my lips, and lots of glossy goodness. Review here
*MAC Dollymix blush is so scary in the pan, but I love it on cheek when I sheer it out enough. A nice pop of colour for everyday.
*Lanolips Sunshine is in my spring set despite being loved all year round. A super moisturising formula, this colour is amazing.
*Whole Lotta Honey is the last shade I would've chosen from the launch of Clinique's glossy crayon, the 'chubby stick', but when I won this I fell head over heels. It's the perfect MLBB (my lips but better) and it perfect to pair with a bright eye or cheek.
*I purchased the Clarins Cream Colours from a blog sale ages ago, and have only recently gotten use from them. I use them as layering shades underneath other shades to bring light to my eyes- they act in a similar way to the next product...
*Face of Australia, yet again, hits it out of the park. I have most of the shades in the Mini Mousse range (discontinued) and this is in my top 3 shades. Magic Mist is a neutral sort of minty green shade that is amazeballs under neutral shadows as well as greens.
*MAC Painpot in Chilled on Ice is from the Cham Pale collection, and is a crazily shimmery base that I use for bright eye looks. This looks great on it's own with a bright pink lip and a slick of black liquid liner. Since this is discontinued, I would suggest the Bare Study paint pot as a less shimmery but still beautiful substitution.
Even though the weather has not been very 'spring-like' lately, I've been enjoying playing with these new textures and shades. Have any of you tried these products and have an opinion to share, or tips?
What looks do you lean towards in spring time?
emmabovary xx

(Please note that all items were purchased by me except for the Clinique Chubby Stick which I won from Clinique on Twitter and the Shop Loves Sunset polish which was free with coupon in conjunction with Shop Til You Drop and Kit Cosmetics.
All opinions are mine, honesty always. x)


  1. Where did you get that Essence stuff? It looks wonderful!

  2. Hey Suzanne:) I buy most of my Essence stuff from Target- I'll be posting soon on which Targets stock the line:) x

  3. It seems like everyone in Melbourne gets super excited when there's a hint of spring in the air (even if it's back to being cold the very next day!)

    These colours look really fresh and inviting, love it! :)

  4. Omega- totally! Though I will admit that I've been indulging in fall trends when the weather crisps up,too;P I think my love of the season trends is based on me wishing they were here for good! x

  5. Great swatches! I'm impressed by Dollymix and I'm loving the Clinique Chubby stick! :) Very pretty colors!

  6. Thank you so much! It was so much fun to swatch bright shades for a change. Dollymix and Whole Lotta Honey are so beautiful:) x

  7. LOVELY products Em! I do love Spring, it's so magical and pretty!

  8. haha melb weather is always so unpredictable:) love the blush and polish colours xox

  9. I have Dollymix and Minted and love them! I refuse to believe that mint and lilac polishes will ever go out of style. :) Can't wait to read more on where to get Essence, I need to investigate these boxed blushes!

    Thanks for the swatches. <3

  10. @Annica such sweet products hey:) I wish the weather would realise it is spring;P

    @Priyanka it's crazy weather wise! x

    @Jerry I'm falling in love with Dollymix, so pretty. I love mint and lilac polishes:) Essence post is on it's way:D

  11. Ah spring time, eh?
    I loved spring time trends, especially using Dolly Mix blush, but I am really looking forward to it being fall and winter. Fall is my favorite season and I do love wearing dark
    colors :D

  12. @Gaby how beautiful a shade is it? So pretty

    @Nancy I really love fall and winter makeup, more now than ever before, but am excited about it almost being summer:) Beach, here I come!


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