Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wellbeing Wednesday

Gearing up for a test this afternoon, so this post will be my Wellbeing Wednesday update as well as a mishmash of things I've been up to lately!
Image taken by me at Belle Bijoux event, which I blogged about here
This past week has been filled with a lot of study and spotted with a few cheeky hauls. I headed into the city twice, and both times I came home with lots of shopping bags filled with things that have been on my wish list for ages! I'm going to share the piccies with you in a few posts time, I adore reading haul posts so decided to bite the bullet and risk a post on my own. I think sometimes people (myself included) are fearful to post hauls in case they appear indulgent, but as a beauty blogger I think it's well documented that I am indulgent, and it isn't something I am ashamed of. I've been popping money away for a while for these things, and I'm still on a high of happiness with the things I took home:)
I took an hour out of my day last week after class when the sun was beaming down, and read some of the book I had going while I laid on the grass. A bold little birdy with huge feet came up and said hello, but apart from that it was super peaceful and a nice 'time out' sort of moment. I took a snap to share the serenity with you- I love my uni so hard it hurts, it's amazing
With no group topic formulated for this past weeks Wellbeing Wednesday, I had only my personal challenge to trudge on with...and yet, still failed. My challenge was to hop on the treadmill at least 4 times, but I only managed 3 and a big walk around the city. A semi fail, right? The first night I alternated between the exercise bike (oww my butt) and the treadmill with Chris and then we went for a walk outside for 35 mins because the weather was so nice. After that I just rocked the treadmill, but then work and social life stole away my nights. I know that is no excuse, so I will be redoing that challenge on top of this weeks.
Group Challenge (made up by moi): Be active at least 4 times this week! This includes treadmill, walks/jogs, classes, whatever you want to do. Let me know how you go and get me moving,too!
Personal Challenge: Drink at least two bottles of water per day (which I estimate is around 4-5 glasses?) I've been using the cute pink spotted bottle I bought from Daiso in Doncaster and it makes drinking water much more fun! I'll also throw in eat more fruit and veg as a general challenge, my body is craving steamed vegies so badly!
My super pretty Daiso bottle!
By this time next week I will officially be on uni holidays, which sounds exciting but just means I'll be spending more time at work! I'm looking forward to getting stuck into reading books of my own choice, I have started a GoodReads challenge (see box on left hand sidebar if you want to see how I'm doing!) and have already begun shopping for Christmas presents. I pledge to end the year more organised than I began it! Hope you are having an awesome Wednesday, let me know if you're on for the wellbeing challenges, or what you've been up to this past week.


  1. One of my biggest fears is being judged by others. And one of the things I do to help myself over that line is to post up my hauls. In some roundabout way, it helps me get over my fear of being judged, and I've never had any backlash from posting up my hauls before, so I guess I'm lucky?

  2. Celeste, great point. That is one of my biggest fears too, and I think that the fact that I adore seeing hauls proves that I don't think of them as bragging, therefore I shouldn't refrain from posting them! I'm not actually sure if I've ever seen any real backlash from a haul post, so I'm lucky too:) xx


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