Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Green Look for Depression Awareness

As many of you might know, October has been flooded with pink looks and products to support Breast Cancer Research (My pink post is on the way!) Some may not know that October also is also Depression Awareness Month! An amazing group of bloggers have created green themed looks to tie in with the green ribbon, and I decided to show my support and hop on board. My talents are nothing compared to theirs but I'm happy with how my eye makeup turned out.
The weather in Melbourne is ridiculous, yesterday I was in a summer dress and today I am layered up with a scarf on! So please excuse the low lighting, I took the best pictures I could while in the car on the way to uni (was a passenger, don't worry!) The eyes took about 5 minutes and the rest of my 'getting ready' (clothes,face and didn't do my hair) took about 2 flat. Which, I suppose, is why after my coffee at uni I realised my singlet under my cardi was on back to front! Here is a closer look of the eyes:
*Bourjois HealthyMix Foundation in #52
which I applied with my Rae Morris Radiance brush^
*NYX Peach blush
*Models Prefer Glitz & Glamour Highlighter (review here)
*Nothing on the lips but I later put on Smashbox Overexposed gloss^ (review soon)
*MAC Painterly paint pot
*Face of Australia Mini Mousse in Magic Mist (swatched here)
*NYX Algae applied all over the lid
*Shiro Farore's Wind over the top of the whole lid, on top of Algae
*MAC Mink & Sable in crease and blended right into other shades
*Urban Decay Virgin as highlight, from Naked Palette
*B by Bloom collection mascara^ (new, review soon)
I love the contrast between the grass green of the other shades and the khaki of Mink & Sable- it's fast becoming my all-time favourite shade and I've worn it almost every day this month. I like NYX Algae a lot more once I put the Shiro pigment on top, it's a little too stark by itself on my pale face. I have been using NYX Peach a heap lately, pretty much this whole year it's been my go to and I love the way it goes with green eyes looks perfectly. I'm not sure if it's the amount of steps my eye look contained which made this look crease a little during the day, I have a feeling it's the Shiro pigments but aren't certain just yet. Will let you know if this is the case!

Here are the links to the looks which inspired my look, please refrain from comparing their made skillz to my lack of!
My favourite lady Jerry Dazzlepants!
If you are feeling down and need some help, or know someone who you think may be struggling with life at the moment, let them know you care and direct them to beyond blue, an amazing Australian organisation that supports depression, anxiety and related issues. No-one has to suffer alone, and the more we talk about these issues the less stigma there will be in the world.

All items followed by a '^' were provided for consideration for review, which does not affect my opinion of the product.


  1. Such a pretty look: And for a great cause, too! <3

  2. Gorgeous! Green eyeshadow really suits you.

  3. Thanks for your comment VijiiS, I'm glad you liked it!

    And thanks OlgiePolgie, I like the way green looks too, been wearing it a heap lately!

  4. wow the green looks great on you, and such a fantastic cause

  5. You look fabulous! And a really great theme to your look. It is really amazing and kind.
    It is sad to think that so many people struggle everyday, an dI really do believe that one persona can make a huge difference in the life of someone who is going through depression.
    Seriously, great job ^_^

  6. Oh wow the green really suits you. Love that you're bringing awareness to a good cause too :)

  7. lovely look, the cheek color plays so well with the greens

  8. Emma this is a beautiful look and you look so cute :) You know this cause is close to my heart, so I really, really appreciate you doing a look on it. Thank you :)

  9. Worthy cause - I've had my own personal battle with depression 10 years ago. I really love how this emphasizes your eyes but it still looks soft and wearable. I don't have too many green eyeshadows but I'm inspired to try a green look. xoxo

  10. Beautiful! Great way to create awareness :)

  11. That looks so pretty!

  12. Lovely! Green is my fave eyeshadow colour and it looks stunning on you :)

  13. Why green? Blue sounds more sensible! You look great.

  14. Desiree, thanks so much ! xx

    @Nancy coming from you that compliment is huge, made my day thank you. I think that the more people I get to think about this, the better it will be

    @Clare I hardly wear green on my eyes even though I think it suits them, thanks for your comment:)

    @socialitedreams thank you! I agree I love my NYX Peach with green eye looks

    @AdorableonmyVanity *blushes* no worries at all, it's close to me too so I'm glad you liked what I did with the theme:)

    @Vita I would love to see a green look from you! Thanks for sharing with me, and yeah I found this look surprisingly wearable despite being quite bright IRL.

    @Su thank you I agree!

    @themustardjumper thank you! loving your blog atm by the way ;)

    @Megan I don't know if I've seen you in green shadow, maybe you should blog some other green looks to inspire me?!

    @Karyn I'm not sure, the other girls said it was based off the ribbon, perhaps they didn't want to be too cliche? No idea though. Thanks for your comment:) Hope the blog move is going well x

  15. This is such a gorgeous look. Green looks so lovely on your skin tone. I can't wait for that mascara review, your lashes look so long and big! Thank you so much for the links!

  16. @pixie thanks for the compliment! I think my pale skin is alright at pulling off green too, yay! The mascara review is on it's way, hope you like it when it's up!

  17. I had no idea that October was depression awareness month. As a long term sufferer of depression and anxiety I'm quite excited that green is the colour the cause has adopted because it's my favourite!

    You have lovely minty green eyes my dear! Mwah

  18. @SkinScrubs- Neither did I, more awareness needs to be raised about these sorts of things in my opinion. Thanks for your comment, it's lovely to hear people speaking about their experiences, and I adore the colour green too so was also glad:) Really appreciate your comments xx


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