Monday, October 24, 2011

Fresh and Innocent- Lara's FOTD

After watching my BareMinerals makeover, my niece Lara asked if I would do a makeover on her! I am always doing up my Mum's face when we're hanging about at home so didn't think anything of it, but I know her Dad (my brother in law) isn't a fan of his little girl growing up too quickly so made sure I kept the look simple and pretty, and appropriate for a 10 year old.
We went for shimmery eyes (she is a girl after my heart!) and perfect pink lips! I think the effect really enhances her amazing blue eyes and I added the slightest wash of shimmer to her cheeks to excentuate her adorable freckles.
A slighly blurry image but this is here to show you how nice the shimmery eye looks when the light catches it.
I used a thin layer of Face of Australia's Mini Mousse eye colour in Midas Touch over the whole lid, and amped up the shimmer even more by adding the golden champagne shade from the Clinique Strawberry Fudge quad over the top. The quad was a GWP from quite a while ago so I don't know the exact shade, but it can be substituted with any champagne shade you like. I then used Strawberry Fudge itself in the crease of the eye with a fluffy brush to add a little bit of dimension and sweetness to the look. No liner or mascara needed as I think shadow alone is best for this age.
I use these products on myself quite a bit so know that they are really wearable and good quality, so thought they were perfect for my nieces little face.
I've previously reviewed the Face of Australia Divine Shine Lip Plumper, and again you can see how stunning it is! I get compliments every time I wear this and Lara liked that it wasn't too sticky. Rather than being a glittery or sparkly shade, this has a great sheen to it that is natural but in a colour that is incredibly beautiful. For both Australian and International readers, these glosses as well as the rest of the Face of Australia range are available at Fashion Addict for crazily reasonable prices. They have pretty good prices on shipping, including International, so hop over there and check it all out!
Swatches of the products I used on Lara, including:
*Face of Australia Divine Shine Lip Plumper in Sterling Blossom
*Champagne and pink from the Clinique Strawberry Fudge Quad
*Face of Australia mini mousse eye colour in Midas Touch
*BYS loose shimmer in brush (you can barely see the swatch here as it is a very subtle shimmer, but Lara loves this type of packaging!)
How gorgeous does she look?! I believe that young girls don't need cosmetics to be beautiful, but I'll be honest and say I love her fascination with lip gloss and sparkle! She might end up following in her beauty-obsessed aunty's footsteps!
Do any young ladies in your family share Lara's lipgloss love?
Are you ever roped into doing family makeovers?
emmabovary xx


  1. awww how cute! she has very beautiful eyes!!

  2. eep! She is so cute!!!
    My little cousin would always want me to do her nails or apply lip gloss on her. I really wish i had a little sister because I really enjoyed being a role model for my cousin.

    Aw you are too nice! Definitely experiment and have fun with creating some smokey looks. It might be a little out of your comfort zone, but just have fun with it. ^_^

  3. @Lilladylife thanks so much for your comment:) Her eyes are even more amazing in person!

    @Nancy I'm lucky enough to have 3 neices and 3 nephews (one perk of being a youngest child) and am loving watching them grow:) I've been growing braver with it so hopefully I'll learn how to ace smoky eyes soon:)

  4. Aww she is cute :) She must be over the moon having makeup done and being featured on the blog! I know I would have been at 10 :)

  5. oh dear, the colour of the FOA lip plumper looks gorgeous. I should have picked up one from Kmart today with the $3 off promotion! Maybe I shall go back tomorrow :)

  6. Cute :) I remember playing with my mom's makeup as a little girl.

  7. @Su she is a darling:) I think she is happy, I haven't seen her yet and don't know if she has seen the post yet!

    @Alicee go back and get it, it's so nice! I have that full review on it, it's a little tingly in a good way and such a pretty colour

    @larie I used to nab my Mum's lipstick all the time :)

  8. @Socialite dreams thanks, it's gorgeous in person too


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