Friday, November 11, 2011

November Lust Have It!

The sample box phenomena is definitely growing, with a new one seeming to crop up at each turn. The first to be distributed within Australia was Lust Have It! and I have been a subscriber from day dot. Many others have caught my eye but I've been a good girl and have stuck to just this one- though I may ask for a yearly subscription to another for Christmas;) (FYI, great Christmas idea for fellow makeup and skincare lovers in your family-the gift that reappears each month!) So far I've been very happy with the products, some haven't made me swoon but I have still enjoyed trying things I wouldn't have otherwise. Here is what the grumpy mailman dropped into my hot litte hands yesterday morning!
As a sidenote, I would love to see Lust Have It in a nicer box- the underside of this has the address label and other stickers ruining it's prettiness. Other beauty boxes seem to be cuter on the outer.

Squee, I had my fingers crossed for a perfume sample and look what is sitting at the top!

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose
(Full Size 30ml retails for $79.00AUD)

Two 1.5ml samples of the new Lancome release, Tresor Midnight Rose. I actually tried this on while in Myer the other day and liked it, so was delighted to see some samples so I could give it a better trial. I have been wearing Tresor In Love quite a bit lately, so Lancome have been doing well with me!

Miracle Shine 2 Step Miracle Nail Shiner-Hawley International
(Retails for $6.95AUD)

This arrived a litte scuffed up and dirty which annoyed me, and as I'm not good at maintaining my nails it didn't really excite me. I will give it a go, and maybe the shine of my nails will change my mind. If not, it will become my Mum's.

Lip Liner in Chique Natural Mineral Lipliner by Nude by Nature
(Retails for $14.95AUD)

I am definitely lacking in the lip liner department so was happy to see this little guy. My Mum, however, was ultra excited and fell in love with the colour. If I manage to hold on to it, I'll let you know how I go. If not, I'll make her guest review;)
Complete Lift NEW Technology Daily Moisturiser-RoC
(Full Size 50ml retails for $59.00AUD)
I seem to have misplaced the moisturiser I was about to start trialling, so yippee for these 3 samples which have saved my bacon. Have used it thrice so far, it's quite thick and creamy and I'm enjoying it. Will review when the samples are done.
Nectar Thermique- Kerastase
 (Full Size 150ml retails for $39.50AUD)
I am totally intrigued by the idea that this is an 'ally for dry hair' which works best when heat is applied! I've been curling and straightening my hair quite a bit lately so this is perfect for me. My ends have been fluffy and dry, lets see if this stuff helps in any way.
Lust Have It! subscriptions are $14.95AUD per month, or $160 for a yearly subscription. Gift vouchers are also available, head to the Lust Have It! site for more details.
Have you subscribed to any beauty boxes? What new loves have you found in them? Do you like the sound of the November Lust Have It! box?


  1. Oh, I smelt that perfume at a Lancome event a little while ago and it was so yummy!

  2. @Angela I thought it was really nice,too:) Lancome have some really nice stuff at the moment, loving them to bits

  3. This looks like a really nice box. I've been getting the Beauty Box, which I've really enjoyed, so I hope now that it's become the GlossyBox, it's just as good or better.

  4. I've only subscribed to BellaBox and last month contained some things I wouldn't have tried on my own, but was excited about. I'm excited to get this month's box :)

    I'd love to see more about that lipliner!

  5. @Olgiepolgie I'm really happy with it so far, I was tempted by the fact that Beauty Box is now Glossy Box- you'll have to let me know if you think it's still up to scratch!

    @Jerry I love seeing what all of the other brands of sample boxes contain! I'll give the liner a whirl and see how I go

  6. I love the Lust Have It boxes, but I agree with the Packaging issue. I think it would look and feel 100% better with some nice packaging.

  7. Crosswire Dreamers- I spoke to Lust Have It! yesterday and they said new packaging is set for 2012:) So it looks like it will be getting even better in the future


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