Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sinful FOTD and Wellbeing Wednesday

I'll be honest- in the morning, the thing that gets me out of bed is the thought of a flat white from my favourite cafe near work. As the sun rises it's the place to be, or so says those who are also there early (one grandfather, and a business man who never seems to be working) On these mornings, I generally can't be bothered with intricate eye looks, and today I willl show you my recent fall-back look. Inspired, as always, by the amazing Jess at The Belle Lumiere, I cracked out my Urban Decay Naked Palette and went to town with one of the best shades it contains:
Hello mascara smudges, 'sup
A super classy sheen of a shimmer, no chunky glitter fest here! (Though I am fond of those at times, too) Sin is a beautiful champagne shade that I can't imagine looking bad on anyone.

A super wearable shade

Ooh look,sunrise! I jest, this is here to show you how Sin is one of those kick ass shadows that make you look as though you have more than one shade on. It appears darker in the crease which fancies it up a notch, a big win for me.
Products used:
Bourjois HealthyMix Serum Foundation #52
Sleek Rose Gold Blush
Urban Decay Buck eyeshadow for brows
Ardell Clear Brow Gel
Clinique High Impact Mascara
Nothing on the lips, though I did pop some Korres Jasmine on during the day
I really love Sin as a wash of colour over the lid as I'm running out the door, and am glad that Jess mentioning it rekindled my love for the shade.
Mine is going along pretty well, I was uber successful in last weeks challenge so am a happy camper! The group challenge last week was to keep a food diary, and it became a habit for me so I breezed through the challenge. I can now see patterns of eating and the sneaky calories that have been my downfall, and am now working on altering decisions with my food intake. I also found out just how much hommus I really eat! Yowza!
How did everyone else go with the food diary?
My personal challenge last week was to spend more time with the people I love, and it makes my heart swell to say I excelled at this challenge. More afternoons with my Mum, coffee and shopping with elderly family friends, dinner at a work friends place, city trips with my bestie, my niece's dancing concert as well as nightly walks with Chris meant my vibe meter was skyrocketing! It felt nice to just sit and enjoy their company, without thinking about assignments or work issues.
I kept up with the previous weeks challenges which involved downing more water and chomping on lots of fruit and veg, as well as getting active at least 4 times each week. This Wellbeing Wednesday initiative has been so good to me!

Image Source Unknown, let me know if it's yours!
This weeks Group Challenge is to spend more time with loved ones, and avoid lifts and escalators in favour of taking the stairs. Your tush will thank you for it!

My Personal Challenge is to cut out alcohol for at least 6 out of the 7 days this week (I may have decided to do 6 days because of the upcoming annual MBBE ;) ) and to eat chia seeds each day. I got this great challenge idea from Sabine at Echolife !


  1. wow, what an absolutely beautiful colour. I don't own a naked pallete, I really wish I did. Is it worth trying to get one shipped over?

  2. Really lovely, it makes you look bright-eyed. :) My everyday look is super simple too, and just enough to make me look awake and alert. Haha

  3. You love absolutely lovely :)
    I love these challenges. I have wanted to do them! I really should start to. It's funny because for this term of school, I decided to never take elevators. It is particularly gruesome when I study. I like to study on the 4th floor of my Uni's library so I will haul my huge backpack up 8 flights of stairs since it is 2 flights per floor. I am sure it is a massive workout ;D

  4. Aww, thanks for the shout-out beautiful! The shade looks amazing on you and you've made me realize how much I miss the Clinique High Impact Mascara...

  5. @Tegan It's super pretty. I use my palette quite a bit but it really depends on how often you wear neutral shades, and how many you already own I guess.

    @Vita I fake being awake with my eye makeup;)

    @Nancy you should join in with Wellbeing Wednesday! Changing from elevator to stairs has made me feel better about myself, I used to struggle up the 10 flights to English office but now I can get through it;) I think our efforts definitely qualify as workouts!

    @Jess no problem, your blog and Ponikuta is the first I click on every morning :) It's one of my fave mascaras,though sometimes it makes my eyes a little stingy :S

  6. So you're up and about with make-up done by sunrise? Respect!!

    That's a beautiful colour and look - with the hotter weather I'm drawn to really really simple eyes, but I haven't found a colour that's really working for me yet.

    You're doing so good with your wellbeing goals! I'm working on posting an update tomorrow... And my Chia Seeds jar is almost empty, I've been keeping up the habit :) xxx

  7. Sin is one of my favorite shades! Gorgeous!

  8. @Sabine yeah, that does sound crazy when you say it like that huh ;P On uni holidays now so sleeping all day to make up for it. My eyes have been stinging this week so I think bright lips are next on the agenda. I have to buy Chia Seeds tomorrow!

    @Ashlynn it's so pretty:) you should do a FOTD with it as well!

  9. I love Sin too! It's so gorgeous as an inner corner/tear duct highlighter, I find myself using it quite a lot.

    Thanks for sharing your goals- you've reminded me to get some Chia seeds, which I've been curious about ever since Sarah aka Dempeaux recommended them.

  10. You are so adorable :)
    I am getting the Naked Palette from a friend in the States cause I can´t get my hands on it here in Finland and I am soo exited to get it :)
    That look is gorgeous :)
    Mascara smudges are funny little guys :D
    Take care sweetie

  11. @Jen It's a great shade for the inner corner. I need to buy some chia seeds tonight, and some nice yoghurt. Loving your healthy summer motivation! Sarah is so inspiring hey, amazing woman

    @shortylegsbeauty aw thank you! I had to get it from ebay last year, was so hard to grab as it was always sold out! I'm sure you'll get a lot of use from it x

  12. Gorgeous and simple. Such a beautifully wearable look. ^_^


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