Tuesday, November 8, 2011

City Cosmetics Haul!

Along with my MAC Posh Paradise goodies, I also picked up some other treats while in the city a few weeks ago. I thought I would share them here, I am yet to try them all out so I am very excited to do so!
I stopped by Zuza in Melbourne Central to find that they were having a closing down sale. These blushes were only $10 a pop! I'd never tried anything from DuWop and only the Beach Tints from Becca so was happy to have scored these!
Becca Creme Blush in Frangipani($10-Zuza)
Becca Creme Blush in Frangipani is a deep rusty red shimmer that is sheer on, but buildable. It stood out to me as I've been sighing over red toned blushes lately, and thought this would be a safe step into 'red blush' territory.
DuWop Pomegranate Illuminating Blush($10-Zuza)
A stunning peachy toned 'blushbooster' from DuWop, quite pigmented and flattering.
OPI Muppetes Mini Nail Lacquers ($24.95-David Jones)
Though I am not a nail obsessed girl, I was drawn to this collection like a moth to a flame. I was contemplating picking up some glitters from the collection but didn't think I would get much wear from them. The multi-coloured 'Rainbow Connection' shade was amazing, but I have a polish that is too similar to warrant me buying it, so I opted for this mini pack of 4 shades from the OPI Muppets collection.
Wocka Wocka! is a gorgeous creamy red shade, and Excuse Moi! is a glitterful pink stunner.
Designer...de Better! is unlike anything else in my collection, while Warm & Fozzie satisfies my love for bronzed up nail shades.

The Face Shop Nail Polishes ($3.00 at The Face Shop)
I chose the lilac shade (PP404) because it had a slight silver shimmer to it, and I have misplaced my creamy lilac shade so needed a replacement.
The sweet pink shade (PK1100) was my kind of 'Barbie' colour, and is a simple creme that takes my breath away. I hope these last well on me, for such a nice price I'd love to add more to my collection.
Lovely ME:EX Blusher in PK103(The Face Shop-$12.95 from memory)
I was so tempted by the orange shade in the collection of blushers they had on display, but I have so many and am lacking in the pretty pink blush department. It's a nice pink that is quite bright and shimmery, I can't wait to pop this on my cheeks! The packaging for this was an attraction,too. I really like the slimline style in fresh white with the classy picture alongside the window display.
I was so happy with my city hauls!
Have you picked up anything nice lately?
Have you tried any of these products or brands?

 After heading into The Face Shop every single time I'm in the city, I finally made a purchase! I chose two nail polishes in sweet pastel shades, an exfoliating sheet mask and a funky pink blushe (and was given a free cleanser sample!)


  1. Sad to hear Zuza are closing down because they were a fave beauty haunt of mine on the way home from work. I'll need to swing by and see if they're still open/if there's anything worthwhile left to buy... On a happier note the Face Shop blush looks really cute xoxo

  2. wah~ Muppets nail polishes are gorgeous~

  3. Great haul hun, love everything you got. And I'm so disappointed that Zuza closed, I loved that shop and would visit it every time I was in Melbourne. :(

  4. @Vita yes very sad to see them go, despite their penchant for selling 'MAC replica' goods. They didn't say how long they were open for, go ASAP and make sure you check in the drawers. When I went they said they only had two shades of the Becca blushes left when they really had about 7!

    @Nancy you need them in your life, so so pretty

    @Lilit I'm so happy with what I got:) Sad to see Zuza go

  5. Lovely haul!! I've got that Becca Creme Blush in Frangipani too and it is such a beautiful shade! I know you will love this one!

  6. Thanks Rose:) I am yet to wear it so am glad to hear you like it! Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it xx

  7. Love your purchases - the OPI polishes look great! I used to have Frangipani but I gave it away because I couldn't get it to work properly on me. Would love to see you do a FOTD post with it :)

  8. I really want excuse moi but I have sooo much nail polish!

  9. Ahhh, cute. The Muppet polishes are so cute :)

  10. @Clare I love the mini packs, they are such good value. I think it will take effort with Frangipani, I have to go the extra mile for most creme blushes so will let you know how I go x

    @Sarah It's such a pretty shade! Do you have pink glitters that are similar?

    @Larie I love them, their themed polishes make me smile

  11. Great haul! Can't wait to see The Face Shop Meex blush on you. It's such a fun pink!

  12. Just found your blog, loving it and I got so excited when i saw you had been to The Face Shop! I lived in Korea for 2 years and miss it so much and had NO idea it was in Melbourne. I live on the Gold Coast but I'm from Melbourne and I was just down there last weekend. Oh em gee! Thanks for the heads up!

  13. @Popblush thanks for stopping by, I will show you as soon as I get a nice shot of it (and when my skin is looking decent;))

    @Emma welcome!and nice name;) Yeah I've heard a lot about The Face Shop and am glad to have one nearby, and glad you know now too! Let me know if you get anything next time you're down in Melbourne :)

  14. Oh wtf I didn't even know Duwop did blushes! That one looks beautiful :3 I've already ordered some of the OPI Muppets shades, I can't resist a good glitter.

    Did you go to The Face Shop store in Melbourne Central by any chance? I went there when I was down in July and was so excited to try stuff out but the girls were so horribly rude there :'(

  15. @Jerry I didn't know either! It's really nice, perfect amount of pigmentation in my opinion. I love the glitter shades, am contemplating buying the green now...

    It was the Melbourne Central store, but the young girl (ha, she was my age I don't know why I say that like a nanna) was really sweet and helpful. In fact they've always been nice, maybe I catch the good days haha


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