Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Empties!

Here are the products I managed to use up in October!
Priceline Re-Balance Wipes x2
My all-time favourites, I am yet to find wipes I like better than these. I look forward to using them, and find them super refreshing and never drying. Will always repurchase.
Derma-Intensive Wipes
These wipes are quite a bit thinner than others I've used, but for $1 from my local supermarket I think they're a great buy:) Good to wipe off swatches or to use if a facial product you use leaves residue behind. Will repurchase.
Batiste Coloured Dry Shampoo for Brunette
I tried these just for kicks, and didn't find them to be much different to the regular Batiste dry shampoo cans! I couldn't detect any difference in colour of the powder, just a lack of scent, so I would suggest just going for the cheaper and nicer smelling regular Batiste varieties. Would not repurchase.
Pantene Night Miracle Leave-In Creme Serum
This product was an absolute joy to use, and I was recently gifted the updated version which I am excited to try! I used this at night in as a treatment between hair cuts, and also found it great to calm any flyaways in the lower lengths of my hair before heading out of a morning. Will repurchase once I finish the new version of this.
L'Oreal Triple Day Active Moisturiser
This is formulated for normal to combination skin, and it worked well for my dry patches and generally dehydrated face. Won't go into detail as this product warrants a full review, which is coming up soon. I'll just say, I adored it. Will repurchase when I find it (already have two back ups, have only ever seen in the Reject $2 shop!)
Avon Vanilla Soft Musk Body Spray
I used this as both a body spray and as a room spray, and found it was great for both purposes. A subtle scent that doesn't smack you in the face, this sits well on clothing as well as in the air.Will repurchase, especially considering I prefer it to the actual vanilla room spray I just purchased from Avon.
Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash sample*
This was a nice, non-irritating body wash, but didn't provide the amount of lather I like. I also prefer scented shower products,so this would be better suited to someone who isn't fond of strong scents in body washes. I think my sister would love this, she is a big fan of non-irritating body products that are creamy.
Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner sample*
I generally dislike Pantene shampoo and conditioners as I feel they build up on my roots and lengths and I'm not fond of that. This was no different, and this was put to use as shaving gel rather than conditioner. Would not repurchase, as it does not suit my hair type.
Pure Fiji Coconut Milk Shower Gel- Pineapple Infusion*
I received this in the special ABBW Lust Have It box and my oh my! It is love, I adore the pineapply goodness of this shower gel, and don't mind the coconut version I got in another Lust Have It box either. Its a totally new type of sweet smell to me, and I found it was the most moisturising shower gel I've used to date. Will repurchase, already hanging out for it!
So there you have it, my October empties were a mix of likes, dislikes and loves!
Have you used any of these products? What did you think of them?
If you've done an October empties post, feel free to link it in the comments so I can check it out.


  1. You did so well with your empties this month!

    I'm going to try the Priceline wipes, I've looked at them so many times but never purchased.

  2. yay for finishing products! I have a few empties as well, but I want to wait to finish a couple more items before I make a post ^_^

  3. i like those rebalance wipes too! really love the refresh feelings afterwards.

  4. @GlossQueen thank you, I thought I had finished more than this but am still happy:) Do try the wipes, they're awesome

    @Nancy can't wait to see everything you've finished up!

    @prettymom how nice are they!? the best wipes

  5. agreed with you there on the Batiste dry shampoo.
    I believe the difference between the original and dark hair one is around $4-$5?
    The original just takes a bit more rub of the hair to ensure that the white powder is gone!

  6. I have to carry around wipes as I'm always swatching stuff makeup, lotions, scrubs the SA's think I'm a nutcase! lol

  7. @Amanda so glad you agree with me, I thought I was going crazy for a moment there!

    @SkinScrubs I've never thought to carry them around-smart thinking!


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