Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NOTD with OPI DS Opulence/Wellbeing Wednesday

Today I am showcasing one of my nail polish loves. For a non-polish obsessed girl, I love this shade a lot! I actually don't own the shade, as with most of my OPI finds it belongs to Chris' Mum, who this year began a descent into polish obsession. The benefit for me? She is wonderful with sharing her purchases! She chose OPI's DS Opulence randomly one day while perusing the OPI iPhone app, and as Chris and I left for Doncaster Westfield she handed me cash and instructed me to hunt it down. Let me tell you, the app image does not do this shade justice!
Apart from the horrible nails I possess and the chip on the thumb, isn't this so pretty!? The shimmer is deep in the base shade and I lose myself staring into it, we're definitely having a love affair. It's a very wearable pink shade that is in the designer line by OPI, and so retails for $24.95AUD compared to the usual $19.95AUD. We purchased this for her from David Jones at Doncaster.
A subtle sort of shimmerbomb, love it.
See how much depth the shimmer? For this close up I just cropped my nails, no editing at all.
Sigh, pretty nail polishes are good for my wellbeing...smooth, huh?
Marie the kitty is great for my wellbeing!Especially when she hides from the kidlets inside a nanna basket,haha.
Last week saw me create a group challenge, as well as my own personal challenge. The group challenge involved getting active at least four times over the course of the week, whether it be walking, jogging, taking classes or anything else you like. I am happy to report that I was successful in this challenge, I alternated between using the treadmill and going for after-dinner walks with my man. My personal challenge was to drink more water and eat more vegetables, which I am happy to say I was successful with, too! I faltered slightly with water over the weekend but overall I exceeded the water target which made up for it. I spent a helluva lotta time in the bathroom, though! I didn't consume any alcohol this week either, and felt so much better on Melbourne Cup Day being able to focus on enjoying the little 'time out' from uni I spent with my family.
 I ate much more fruit and veg than I have been lately. Takeout for the weekend was from the local noodle house and I loaded it up with so many vegies the box would barely close- yum! My Mum has created this amazing mix of vegies with a touch of sauce and we've been obsessed with it-it's got cabbage, carrot and brussel sprouts among other veg, my favourites!And I've been slicing up an apple at night to munch on while I study or watch TV, which has helped the late night eating habits,too.
Here are the challenges for the coming week!
Group Challenge: Keep a food diary. It's amazing how seeing all the things we consume each day on paper (or on iPhone in my case) can make a difference to our choices! If you have any ideas for the next challenge, please leave them in the comments below.

Personal Challenge: Spend more time each day with people I love. I've been so wrapped up in uni work and training the new staff at work that I've been spending less time with my family and friends. Seeing my gorgeous niece over the weekend and having dinner with my girlfriends reminded me how much I miss those little moments. I will be repeating the last few personal challenges this week, too (more veg,water,4 workouts etc)
Building myself up to be the happiest and healthiest I can be! Wanna come along for the ride?


  1. Well done Emma! I've had no imagination and have kept up my Dry Brushing Wellbeing Challenge (which is pretty good, but it's time for a change!).

    Will post a new one soon - and to make it doubly challenging, I'll take you up on more water + veggies in the coming week!
    Sabine xx

  2. Thanks Sabine! Hope the water and vegie challenge is going well!


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