Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Favourites!

I was a cheeky beauty blogger and skipped September, but to be honest most of these have been my favourite for a few months so let's merge the two!
I have been gearing up for the university holidays (two days to go!) and have been generally lazy with everyday looks, and spicing it up a little every now and again with a super bright eye or vampy lips. Here is what I used most in October:

Gorgeous Cosmetics Cheek Creme in Strawberries and Cream
This has flipped me right into 'cream-blush-lover' territory, it's a gorgeous colour that looks exactly as the name suggests in my opinion, and it lasts really well on my skin. I use my Royal and Langnickel stippling brush with this and find it works perfectly. This retails for $35AUD and I purchased it at IMATS for $15AUD.

MAC Mink & Sable eyeshadow
This little shadow is the love of my life-yup, a HG for sure. A wash of this over the eyes and my face looks 'done', and if I take it higher into the crease? Compliments galore, my tutor asked me if I was going out after class when I wore this, mascara and a baggy jumper. Miracle worker!

Gorgeous Cosmetics Lipstick in Sophia
This lipstick clings to dry patches on my lips a little bit, but with balm underneath it's fine, and it goes perfectly with my Essence glosses. It's a gorgeous peachy shade that retails for $35AUD, I purchased it from IMATS for $15AUD.

Ardell Clear Brow Gel
I've been putting more effort into my eyebrows since getting them tinted in Sydney by the beautiful Paddington Benefit gals. I fill in my brows with a mix of 'Naked' and  'Buck' from the Urban Decay Naked palette with a thin angle brush, then combing this thru to keep them looking good all day. The cheapest brow gel I've seen, I chose this after reading great reviews. It retails for around $7AUD from memory.

Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine
I have raved about this recently in this review, and love using this first thing in the morning, before bed, and all thru the day. Love!

Essence Stay With Me Lipglosses in
Me & My Icecream  &
I Like Cotton Candy
My favourite lipgloss formulation, these colours have been the ones I've used most this month, but pretty much all of the colours are on high rotation for me. I have a review and swatches of them coming up, they're so beautiful. They also feature in perfect pairing post. They retail for a teeny tiny $3.95AUD!

Bloom & Boost Balm in Mango Tango*
I didn't like these at first, but have come to depend on them when my lips are a little thirsty. They don't have as much hydration as my Korres lip butter, for eg, but are much better than the majority of balms in my collection. The scent is slight, but nice.

Royal & Langnickel Stippling Brush
My very first stippling brush, I feel a fool for not having one for so long. I use this for cream blush application and find it nice and soft, and deposits a buildable amount of product. Can't remember the exact price of this as I bought it with a bunch of other brushes at the IMATS stall.

Travalo Perfume Atomiser
I work with a group of girls who carry multiple 100ml bottles of perfume along to work with them. While they smell amazing all the time, the extra weight in their bags is ludicrous! This is my intelligent alternative.This little baby is one of the best things I've ever purchased, you fill it up with any fragrance you like and throw it in your bag. At the moment mine is filled with Tresor in Love because Chris cracked it over the fact that I hardly wear it (he bought it for me a few Christmas' ago!)

YSL Cream de Blush in Powdery Rose
A beautiful gift from Chris that I lusted after for the longest time after seeing Pink Sith review her pot here, it sat unloved for quite a while because it was quite full on when applied with fingers. With the purchase of the aforementioned stippling blush, love and obsession was reignited! Amazing colour, amazing formula, wish I had've reviewed this while they were still available but I think I still will anyway. Sorry guys!
I think this month shows a stellar line up of products I really adore, and that fact makes up for the skipping of September;)
Are any of these products your favourites, too?
Have any of them caught your eye?


  1. I can never seem to find that Ardell Brow gel anywhere and I NEED it! do you just buy it from Priceline? They always seem to be out of stock when I go in there :( and that Travalo thing looks like a godsend, I'm always paranoid of smashing my perfume in my workbag so I need this in my life.

  2. I need a stippling brush! And a travel atomizer, how handy! Great favorites :D

  3. Great favourites hun. I saw the Gorgeous Cosmetics lipstick in Sophia at IMATS but when I went to get it they didn't have any stock left :(. Such a good bargain it was.

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies!
    @Megan the travalo would be perfect for you- airplane safe! Have a post going up on it soon, hope you'll like it :) And I just get the Ardell gel from my local Priceline in the isle with beauty tools (pods,nail goods,etc)

    @Larie you do! I want another, they feel so nice on the face and work amazingly well with cream blush

    @Lilit Sophia would've looked amazing on you!! Maybe I nabbed the last one;) It's a gorgeous lippy, I have a review coming up

  5. Ooh, nice goodies. In particular, I'm eyeing off the Travalo. I'd like to try Essence, but I'm now sure who sells the brand here in Australia. Help!

  6. @olgiepolgie please try Essence! They are my favourite :) A number of Target and Priceline stores hold Essence!

  7. Nice list of faves :) I haven't tried any of the products. Heard a lot about Gorgeous Cosmetics, got to try!

  8. Thanks Su:) This is my first encounter with them, so I'm pretty happy that the two products I chose are now some of my favourites:D

  9. I'm now a happy owner of Me & My Icecream too!


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