Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blush Love: NYX Peach

The first twelve months of this here blog saw me hesitate from reviewing my most loved products, for fear I would not do them justice. Over the new year, I realised that I am not perfect, nor do you expect me to be (I hope!) So expect to see some kick ass products rocking this page, starting now, with my most adored blush.


This was definitely one of my top products for 2011, as I used it at least 5 days out of each week. Considering how affordable this blush is, I am amazed at how long it has lasted. Surely I am about to hit pan on this?! The suspense is killing me!

This is quite a heavy swatch, which seems appropriate as I often wore this blush heavily. It's very buildable, so is excellent if you like a sheer look or heavy cheeks like moi, and it lasts all day long on my cheeks. I've seen others talk of broken packaging as it is made of plastic, but so far I've been lucky despite this going everywhere with me. It's a matte peachy pink shade that would suit a wide range of skin tones, in my opinion. I've seen it look quite peachy on others, but it's pretty darn pink on me.

I adore this blush and will be repurchasing, but before I do I'm going to use up some of my other blushes. When Peach is around, they get no love :'(

What is your one true blush love?
Have you tried NYX Peach?

I purchased this from a store in Spencer St DFO (Melbourne) but it is also available at:
*Crush Cosmetics here for $11.15 AUD
*Cherry Culture here for $6 AUD (but is on sale right now for $4.50!)
*Groove stores, or eBay

This product was purchased by me and is not sponsored by NYX, all opinions are honest, this blush really does rock. x


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  1. Love this colour! The NYX brand, is it the same as BYS brand? They have very similar items at Cosmetics Plus stores as well as places like K-Mart for only $3.95 etc

  2. That looks like my kind of blush! I know what you mean about playing favourites - my favourite blush gets used almost daily while the others sit unloved. I've been making a conscious effort to get out of that rut lately!

  3. oh its gorgeous!! A little like the colour of my face MAC one, at a quarter of the price!

  4. Love the colour, I haven't really seen many NYX blushes around but this one is gorgeous. I don't think I can buy them where I live so I might have to try online. Thanks for the review can't wait to see more.

    Hope you're well xo

  5. @Dustyn It's a similar idea but the products are much higher quality, BYS does have some nice lippies though!

    @Vita It is a classic, adore it. I will miss it when it's gone but then I can use up some of my other blushes, finally haha. Makes me feel better to know that you play favourites,too

    @Tegan How cheap is it!? I love my MAC too but this you can't beat.

    @crosswiredreamers It's such a versatile colour. NYX are so hard to find, but well worth an online order in my opinion. Thanks for your comment, I'm doing really well atm :) Hope you are as well xxx

  6. The blush is gorgeous, lovely colour!x

  7. I love peachy blushes and this one looks right up my street!

  8. Do you remember the name of the Spencer Street DFO store? I didn't find any at Groove. :(

    I’m having a Make Me An Offer beauty blog sale at the moment. Pop on over and you may just find yourself a bargain.

    M x

  9. @blamingbeauty such a wearable colour:)

    @Victoria I love peachy blushes too, and this has enough pink to make it the best of both worlds

    @beastandbeauty The Spencer St store doesn't have them anymore :( Ebay is probably best bet if you only get one, otherwise cherry culture rocks.

  10. My all time favorite blushes are Heather Pink (nr 03) by The Body Shop and nr 301 by MNY :) They have both been featured in my Favorites of 2011 posts :) I have a lot of favorites but those two that I mentioned are two that I reach for A LOT :)
    I really love the look of this NYX blush.. sadly Ive never tried it though but it looks really pretty :)

  11. Bargain! Love the colour.
    Just letting you know I have given you a Liebster award on my blog :)

  12. @shortylegsbeauty I find I always reach for the same blushes all the time, too:) I'll have to see if we have those here.

    @bbBeauty how cheap are they! it's brilliant. Thank you so much for the award!

  13. Aww that's very pretty! I'm convinced peach can do no wrong when it comes to blushers, hehe.

  14. @Diana PaperDoll I have to agree with you, peach is a winner!


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