Friday, January 20, 2012

Vampire's Love

The last monthly release from Essence saw them leap onto the vampire trend with vigour. I don't mind the odd True Blood episode or Twilight tune out, but I'm definitely not in the 'vampire obsessed' category. I still fell for this collection, however, and think the execution tread the line between vampy and cute perfectly.
The Vampire's Love line is limited edition, and contains a range of polishes, two lipstains, one blush gelee, shimmer powder, lash thickener, perfume and an eyeshadow palette. I was a good girl and only chose a few items.

Only 5 things, see how restrained I was! (I have since gone back to get more...) I am planning on doing in depth reviews on some of these, but thought I'd post my initial thoughts now so if you were interested you could pick the pieces, as they are limited edition and will be gone soon.

Six gorgeous shadows for $7.50 AUD? It was an easy decision, and I think the shade selection in 'Love at First Bite' leaves room for wearable daytime looks as well as smokier night ones. I'll be doing a look with this palette soon, and more swatches.

This 'Bloody Mary' blush gelee gives a red flush to cheeks, and is sort of like the jelly version of Benefit's Benetint, but much more affordable. I love that the packaging is clear, I think it looks really cool. From memory it was around the $3 mark.

 I assumed that the two lip stains in the Vampires Love range were going to have slant tip applicators as the tube is squeezy, but I was delighted to see a doe foot inside! Best of both worlds, I am a happy little vampire girl and love the 'True Love' shade that I chose. As you can see from the above image, it really does 'stain', that was my attempt at rubbing away the swatch with a wipe.

To really appreciate how amazing these polishes are, you need to see them in person. Photos will never do them justice, especially Gold Old Buffy, which is officially the prettiest polish I own. Captivating, can't stop staring at it and I'm not even a dark nail lover.

Overall I think I did well with this collection, I went back to buy the speckled grey/white polish as I couldn't stop thinking about it. I think they pulled this theme off really well, and I appreciate the range of vampy influence they drew from (Buffy, Sparkly aka Twilight, darkness motifs, myths like Bloody Mary)

I'm very happy with my choices, what do you think of them? Did you pick anything up from the Vampire's Love collection?


  1. Excellent choices! I have the lip stain and it rocks. I also have Gold Old Buffy and two other nail polishes from there. Can't wait to see what kind of looks you come up with using that palette.

  2. Looks like there are some great products in this collection! I'd be all over the gel blush and the lip stain!

  3. oh ohhh, the lip gelee stained my hand something chronic. It didn't come off for a week!

    And I do have a few of these pieces - keep meaning to blog about them! Did you see the lash extension powder thing? Wiggy...

  4. I bought a few items late last year (3 polishes and the eyeshadow palette) - haven't tried them yet!! I see there's another bondi beach themed collection around the corner too and damn, I'm gonna miss it because of my ban :-(

  5. my local target at Chermside doesn't have the Vampires Love collection yet, sad!! but I have some essence stuff and absolutely love it (and it's price...)

  6. oh i think i had better go check these out quickly. loving the polish & lip stains so far.

  7. I LOVE essence! Almost all my nail polishes are from essence! Great quality and so cheap!!

  8. Holy crap, Gold Old Buffy is stunning! How did I not spot it!?

  9. Oh wow...I love the lip stain and cheek gel. Where can you get the Essence range from?

  10. I'm totally gutted I didn't buy more Essence when I was over, I don't think we have it here :( surprised you didn't get the perfume though! Not bad for a vampire scent ;)

  11. LOVELY things :)
    I received the Love at first Bite palette by Luna from Belgium when she sent me some goodies :) I LOVE IT!!! Unfortunately one shadow was smashed (the black one under the golden/black shadow).. all that was left was a black glitter cloud ;)
    I love the rest of the shadows though :)
    I LOVE the look of those polishes :)

  12. I need that gel stain where do you get Essence from??


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