Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday fawnings

the birthday money edition
Benefit Hervana, Elie Saab parfum, YSL lippies and lots of them, z-palette for my depotting and pressing adventures, MAC Snob and Patisserie, Urban Decay Naked2 to pair with them, Jimmy Choo Parfum to snuggle in.

I may or may not have already ordered some of these, and may or may not be heading on a shopping spree tomorrow for a few of them.
happy friday!

tell me what you're fawning over this week?


  1. Everything on your list looks gorge, particularly the blush palette. I'm fawning over everything at the moment cos I can't buy anything!!

  2. WOW awesome list! I have MAC Snob and really like its color (it was an accident, i was meant to pick up Saint Germain that time but never regret it) hahaaha and UD Naked 2 would be lovely! Hervana is cute too hehehe

    I'm wanting... a few skincare items... that's what I have my eyes set on ;)

  3. ooh! Nice list! I just got Snob, but I so want Patisserie as well.

  4. yay for shopping sprees!!!Have an awesome weekend love:)

  5. Omg please post photos and/or swatches when you get your goodies! I want to stare :D I totally want Snob and Hervana too, and I don't think I've ever swatched Patisserie so I want to check it out.

  6. I want that Naked 2 palette so bad... I have the Naked one and I said that I dont want the Naked 2 palette but I have seen so many reviews about it that I would be lying if I said I dont want it
    I can´t get my hands on it cause I don´t have paypal or Visa (Paypal doesnt work for us here in Finland.. we have tried me and my fiancĂ© but it doesnt work) so Naked 2 will be a dream :)
    Im also fawning over a few MAC eye shadows but we don´t have MAC here where I live either so those are just a dream too :D haha

  7. Such fun stuff! I have a few of those products! Hope you will share with us what you pick up on your shopping spree! The only thing I'm lemming right now is some of the new Morgana Cryptoria lipsticks!

  8. Definitely get Patisserie! It's probably my favourite MAC lippie.

  9. @Vita you are being so strong! I've already spent so much this year, haha.

    @Cendana I have a few skincare things I want to use up and review, but I did get some Mario Badescu yesterday! I tried Snob on and it doesn't look as good on me as I'd hoped it would:(

    @Bailey Patisserie seems like such a lovely everyday colour, will hopefully be getting it this week but want to try it on first

    @Priyanka weekend was awesome, shopped my heart out!

    @Jerry a haul post for sure:) I'm pretty sure Patisserie is Pro only, hoping to get it and review it here as I don't think it is spoken of enough. Snob would be so nice on you

    @shortylegsbeauty It's so pretty isn't it! Oh how come paypal won't work there? And no MAC whatsoever? That is crazy!

    @the peach I adore my wishlist, I really do. I will be sharing everything I've picked up in January soon :) reviews galore yay. I haven't seen the new Morgana Cryptoria ones, will have to check them out.

    @melbournebeauty Oh yay! I only know a handful of people who have it/know of it so like hearing people rave. Fingers crossed it looks good on me!


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