Friday, February 17, 2012

get some good karma!

This is a well-loved eyeshadow compact indeed! I bought this Australis duo in 'Karma' for my best friend Candice (who blogs over here) a while ago, even though she wasn't huge on wearing makeup. I suppose it is part of my role as a beauty blogger to push products into the hands of those around me, to try and spread the beauty obsession.
I've slowly but surely gotten her into makeup (eyeshadows at least!) and I love seeing what looks she comes up with when we meet for brunch. I found this in a clearance tub and knew I didn't need it, but couldn't pass it up and thought they colours would look great on Candice- I was right!
Candice already has a really nice almond eye shape, but the way she's done her liquid liner really excentuates it.  I often have trouble applying shadow to my lower lash line as it sometimes irritates, but Candice does it all the time and it really completes the look in my opinion.
Candice swept the golden champagne shade from the palette across her lid and popped the turquoise shade in her crease and outer third and along the lower lashline. This is a quick and easy look that is really pretty, and I know Candice can do it in a flash because a little birdy told me it's her fall back look ;P

What is your fallback look?
What do you think of Candice's EOTD?


  1. I think you are right, it is our job as beauty bloggers to force products on those around us! :) I do it too! Love how your friend wore these colors! She is very beautiful too!

    1. The Peach, I take it as a very serious job ;P I love Candice in these colours, she is a real beauty xx

  2. That is a really pretty look :) Candice is really beautiful :)

    My fallback look is very simple..Mascara and eyeliner + lining my upper and lower waterline with black eyeliner. Then to top it all of I put on a red lipstick and Im done :) takes little to no time and it looks good :)

    take care hun

    1. She is a stunner :) Liner and lipstick is classic, love it


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